3 times the English people said no to PETA

When PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked English village Wool to change its name, residents were slightly outraged. And it's not the first time this happened... 🐑🐷🐓

28/11/2018 20:04
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  • Jonathan H.
    04/12/2018 21:44

    What's next dur-quorn birming quorn

  • Jonathan H.
    04/12/2018 21:42

    the point I was making the other day get on with changing the world not pathetic things

  • Alfred S.
    03/12/2018 20:53

    OMG !! A shitload of people ( and I use the term loosely here) need to get jobs and quit freeloading off of the public , what next ?? Fish have feelings too ??? Get a life !!!

  • Jonathan H.
    02/12/2018 11:56

    Next to the tank museum

  • Angela M.
    30/11/2018 21:02

    How can anyone think sheering sheep is cruel, when people have their hair cut and donate it to a wig charity it's no different to wool becoming a jumper

  • George G.
    30/11/2018 20:44

    So has my town gotta change its name from Chippenham to chips pen and no ham now?

  • Paul C.
    30/11/2018 20:25

    PETA are the worst.

  • Chloe H.
    30/11/2018 20:00

    We could have been going to Not-Eating-Ham Trent University 😂😂

  • Alexandra F.
    30/11/2018 19:49

    is this real 😩

  • Harry H.
    30/11/2018 19:29

    can’t believe they got the whole of wool to feature in this video.

  • Luke C.
    30/11/2018 18:55

    HarveyGreatrex seems legit?

  • Becci B.
    30/11/2018 18:49

    this is what I was on about!

  • Martyn B.
    30/11/2018 18:32

    How about PETA stop killing animals they say they save by putting them down. Then we'll talk, I mean I'll still ignore the pointless bunch of idiots..but still.

  • Vicky F.
    30/11/2018 17:35

    don’t mind people having their opinions and beliefs but don’t push it onto other people

  • Hayley G.
    30/11/2018 17:18

    Peta at it again

  • Toby R.
    30/11/2018 17:12

    you love PETA

  • Mike B.
    30/11/2018 17:11

    What a bunch of pricks

  • Biraj R.
    30/11/2018 16:52

    peta is a joke 😂

  • Chelsey G.
    30/11/2018 16:42

    Frances Summers

  • Kyle B.
    30/11/2018 16:42

    Tbh let’s face it the planet already doesn’t have enough farms to feed the population of the world. If every single person on the planet turned vegan we would need more. That means more deforestation i.e more cruelty to animals 😂. Also you would still need animal farms for fertiliser 😂 being vegan destroys the planet more then it helps it. Eating meat is just the circle of life, some things die in order to give others life that’s how the planet has functioned for millions of years even before the rise of humans.

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