5 surprising things the Crown owns

From fishes royal to most of Regent Street, here are 5 peculiar things the Crown owns. 👑

10/05/2019 16:02
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  • John B.
    10/05/2019 16:20

    Are these FULL taxpaying citizen enabled 'benefits' taxable!?!?

  • Andi H.
    2 days

    She doesn't own them no one does. What a joke.

  • Nicky G.
    2 days

    What a shit video the queen don’t need a licence just like she don’t need a passport if I made the video I would hang my self in shame

  • Kieran R.
    2 days

    No nature owns the dolphins not humans

  • Anthony C.
    2 days

    The plural of 'sturgeon' is 'sturgeon', not 'sturgeons'.

  • Darrell M.
    a day

    If the queen owns all whales why does she allow whaling

  • Tahir S.
    a day

    Royal slag!

  • Terry J.
    a day

    She’s a tramp

  • Nabel A.
    a day


  • Gavin C.
    20 hours

    She has no power just look at the state of England and the so called government 🤣 ....

  • Andy M.
    19 hours

    She's my girl x

  • Aurel C.
    19 hours

    Do these dolphins know they are owned by the queen? :)