6 simple questions about bisexuality

Why are bi people often dismissed as being "confused?" R.J. Aguiar answers the 6 questions he is most commonly asked about identifying as bisexual.

03/02/2021 13:25


  • Gianmaria M.
    3 hours

    What a big pile of s..... Male or female gender is assigned cause of organs we have at birth. Than if you enjoy different style of sex,well,that's your choice,and it's another story,your one doh

  • Kévin P.
    11 hours

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  • Youcef K.
    12 hours

    Even animals r not bi lol .who r u ? 😂

  • Becky S.
    a day

    Thank you so much for speaking on bisexuality... this is how I have identified my whole adult life but I have only recently come out publicly. Thank you for being a bi ally

  • Omar K.
    a day

    Mental issues

  • Dennis R.
    2 days

    Mind your business, I’ll mind mine, how’s that.

  • Jason S.
    2 days

    Lmao this dude is annoying no one cares bye

  • Gérson N.
    2 days

    One very confused individual!..

  • Chikwem K.
    2 days

    You’re just confused, man!😌

  • Silvia M.
    2 days

    I think it's so easy to explain. It's to feel attraction for interesting human beings no matter their sex or gender, that's all. (And I'm not bi :-) )

  • Anas H.
    2 days

    There's only 2 genders male and female

  • Marcos C.
    2 days

    Lol so he says himself confused. Oh silly liberals.

  • Vincent J.
    2 days

    Seriouly way too much A, B, C, D these days!.......

  • Ahmed O.
    2 days

    Well that's complicated ... I'm a man and I m attracted to women .. end of story .. but hey .. you're free to do whatever you wanna do ..

  • Nevin S.
    3 days

    just following the media driven narrative forced onto them- its a lie

  • Suthtap M.
    3 days

    nah you are just into pleasure

  • Sharon D.
    3 days


  • Sam I.
    3 days

    Pick a side, bro

  • Kimberley N.
    3 days

    Love RJ ❤️ He's the best 👌

  • Tamish G.
    3 days

    No one cares. Stop shouting.