Philip Alston reports on poverty in the UK

"It was bread or bus fare." The UK is in breach of 4 human rights agreements according to a UN report on poverty. The government, however, doesn't see it that way. 🤷‍♀

20/11/2018 15:46
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  • John J.
    20/11/2018 17:00

    Why don't yous like what's getting said the truth hurts but fact nevertheless

  • Christine K.
    21/11/2018 08:40

    What about the couple who killed themselves because they could not get benefits the British government should hold there heads in shame and it's not that great here in Ireland

  • Arron G.
    21/11/2018 10:00

    No such thing as poverty. Get a job. Ppl on benifits should get food stamps n nothing else. Why should ppl pay for these parasites to lazy to work or having kids n expecting me to pay n raise em? They’ve always got a sob story

  • Liam S.
    21/11/2018 16:59

    Freeloaders will always blame everybody else for their own failings... scumbags

  • Maria D.
    21/11/2018 17:11

    Is it a fact I worked 37 years and had too go on Benefits let me tell you all its soding hard loved the day I got my Oap not all people who are on Benefits are Freeloaders

  • Victor S.
    21/11/2018 18:01

    Those women didn’t look too starved to me!!!! 😕😕😕😕

  • Chris C.
    21/11/2018 18:38

    Why when we have this situation is our country spending between 13.4 and 14.5 billion a year on foreign aid.......

  • June R.
    21/11/2018 19:10

    This goverment should be ashamed we are living below the poverty line and cant see a way out .

  • Alma K.
    21/11/2018 19:16

    Remember most people are 2 wage packets from destitution. The benefit system is there to support those less fortunate than ourselves. It does NOT give you permission to look down your noses at anyone or think your 12p per day contribution is anything to shout about and beat your chest. Half of you look like you don't work yourselves or have paid NI contributions. Make that settle. Not nice to be labelled as something you may not be does it? My neighbour has also worked since she was 14. She had cancer treatment and gave up work. Her life is barely reasonable but she is alive and claims benefits. Good on her. There is Poverty on benefits. People with disabilities have been suffering for years.

  • Michael M.
    21/11/2018 19:50

    Disgusting policies by disgusting politicians. Labour should be wiping the floor with the Tories.

  • Mujtaba A.
    21/11/2018 20:40

    Breach of basic fundamental human rights every single one knows if they don't then is purely a distance between people and government

  • Monty W.
    21/11/2018 20:58

    The government hasn't got a clue about the real world!!!

  • Anthony M.
    21/11/2018 21:41


  • Tony C.
    21/11/2018 21:52

    Easy to prove wrong just ask her whole senior management team go on universal credit for a month.

  • James R.
    21/11/2018 22:32

    It's plain to see, both are feeding themselves well enough.

  • Liz S.
    21/11/2018 22:43

    More proof that they don't care

  • Matt A.
    21/11/2018 22:54


  • Jayne D.
    21/11/2018 23:04


  • Rob S.
    21/11/2018 23:14

    Conscious cruelty.

  • Andrew W.
    21/11/2018 23:28

    Why the hell aren’t the people of the uk standing up to this government it’s a joke they are as much to blame as the Tory’s them selves