Philip Alston reports on poverty in the UK

"It was bread or bus fare." The UK is in breach of 4 human rights agreements according to a UN report on poverty. The government, however, doesn't see it that way. 🤷‍♀

20/11/2018 15:46
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  • Cameron D.
    09/12/2018 12:33

    Nation that will take years to resolve

  • Janice T.
    08/12/2018 10:20

    Men or women should be given a home and child responsibility payment they can live on and support their children if they are not in the position to pay nurseries child minders etc. Forcing people to take any work at minimum wage and zero or minimum hours just to put forward statistics showing increased employment figures is disgustingly typical of this Government. The National Audit Office should do an across the board audit on the Government’s mismanagement of taxpayers money. They waste so much pursuing their own interest and agenda. This Government NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. U.K. political system NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. They are getting away with democide!

  • Janice T.
    08/12/2018 10:11

    Try and survive on £13,000 a year and then pay out over £850 on tax and NIC’s

  • Charlie C.
    07/12/2018 20:01

    riddled with poverty yet the snowflakes want us to ship in more immigrants to make it worse yes it is an immigration problem , and also overseas funding problem spend the cash here to help our people ,, greedy politicians should be wage capped and the mony put back in the coffers , the country is a disgrace

  • Susan T.
    07/12/2018 19:38

    Then we should change governments.

  • Sheila G.
    07/12/2018 12:20

    If you work an hour (60 mins) in a fortnight you aren’t counted in the unemployment figures.

  • Jon W.
    04/12/2018 13:09

    Funny to see a lot of people blaming the Tories. When are some people going to realise this ain’t about labour,lib or Tory it’s about goverment keeping people down. All goverment

  • Phil K.
    26/11/2018 23:21

    Guilty of genocide. Those responsible must die.

  • Helen S.
    24/11/2018 02:51

    Pfft course they disagree. Head in the sand. You’ll never break through the ideology of the tories. They’re hard wired to the empire. To the class system. To their privilege. And they don’t give a flying 🦆 about the vulnerable in our society. In their eyes they are managing the public’s expectations. Next ejection we vote the whole sodding lot out.

  • Arline B.
    23/11/2018 22:02

    I think it’s utterly disgraceful of the Tories doing this to people who have poorly paid jobs and the unemployed and pensioners.

  • Claire H.
    23/11/2018 12:36

    There are more children than ever before living in real poverty, more homeless people than ever before, the increase in employment is simply due to the introduction of apprenticeships and low pay for many 😡 the average person earns less than £20K a year and the government seem to think a person or family can live on this 😡 I personally earn a reasonable wage and have struggled to keep the roof over my head and my children fed! I’ve had many weeks where I’ve literally had £1 - enough to buy some milk or a loaf of bread 😡 the price of living is ridiculous, rent is extortion!! Not many can get mortgages or even the deposit for such a dream of owning their own home 😡😡 This country is a disgrace!!! Too many in Government have never been or have any understanding of the real world which is incredibly sad - how can you run a country on policies run by people who have no idea how the real world for many is 😡😡😡😡😡

  • James-jimmy D.
    23/11/2018 07:29

    People in this country are on the verge of poverty due to our goverment forgetting what William Willberforce fought for slave trading/human trafficking well it is here on a daily basis underneath everybodys nose human trafficking is not just getting humans to another country at a cost like people think, it is trading and dealing with humans for profit, EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES are to blame for the poverty problem due to our goverment allowing them to deal in humans for a profit bannish employment agencies and jobs will be available with a respectable wage as there will be no middleman (agency) there to make a profit out of someone else's misfortune brought on by not been able to get a permanent job without these employment agencies selling people to companies who want to give jobs but cant because of agencies jumping in and making offers to employers of supplying staff (SLAVES) at a cost

  • Willem S.
    22/11/2018 21:16

    Poverty is not a disease when are people taking responsibility for themselves

  • Peter W.
    22/11/2018 20:56

    Utter bollox

  • Jay L.
    22/11/2018 20:05

    there you go.. Here's how your policies effect the real population such as myself, hard to understand from a privileged position! Unable to get a 4 bed house, unable to support my family because of caps, unable to claim support for unemployment due to bilateral hip impingement stopping me from sitting without pain let alone standing and walking, unable to even afford my IVA payments for the 28000 worth if debt iv accumulated not through any luxury as I don't even have the basics still at 26, simply through the endless taxing, high rents, extortionate energy bills, unmanageable water, supporting 5 children and no support for more than three.. Yet all these caps restrict all other help for people in our position

  • Adrian E.
    22/11/2018 19:30

    Simple, vote them out at the next election. They are even bed mates with ex terrorists in order to cling on to power.

  • Charly F.
    22/11/2018 19:10

    What would help is decent part time jobs for mothers like job shares or 10 - 2 hours most employers want full time availability in part time jobs to be at their beck and call home working is rarely an option that would make a difference to so many women

  • Kashif S.
    22/11/2018 13:39

    I'm here to piss on the comments slagging off immigrants

  • Matthew W.
    22/11/2018 09:30

    everyone you interviewed said "they had" so that would suggest the policys are working

  • Brendan M.
    22/11/2018 07:54

    I mean.. Seems theyve had plenty food..

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