Police attacked in South London

These police officers were brutally attacked by youths in South London on a video captured by a passerby. Police say budget cuts have contributed to a 34% rise in attacks against them since 2013.

19/11/2018 18:17
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  • Ryan J.
    19/11/2018 19:41

    Let the cops have guns and this won’t happen

  • Steven M.
    19/11/2018 21:33

    Disgusting.....we are fastly becoming a lawless society! No respect for any authority due to a super soft justice system!

  • Clint K.
    19/11/2018 21:41

    Thanks to our snowflake government and Mr Khan .U wonder y vigilante groups are on the rise

  • Joe B.
    19/11/2018 22:00

    People have no idea.. idiots

  • Patricia W.
    19/11/2018 22:19

    Glad this law has come into force to protect emergency responders

  • Stuart B.
    19/11/2018 22:42

    This why cops so be allowed to everything in their arsenal against these people screw their human rights

  • Belinda-Jean G.
    20/11/2018 01:07

    Scum. Feral scumbags a law unto themselves. God help us if this is the youth of today!!!

  • Daniel R.
    20/11/2018 02:38

    Importing unskilled third world riffraff has worked well for Europe.

  • Allen S.
    20/11/2018 05:04

    Yay.. They will double the sentence from assaulting an officer always the first thing to be dropped to what?

  • Luke W.
    20/11/2018 06:24

    It's alright when they stop you from breathing when being restrained or beat you up for apparent resisting under no grounds🤔 not agreeing with this just flipping the coin the ipcc is corrupt so what are you ment to do when the police policing the police are bent?

  • Michael H.
    20/11/2018 06:46

    Bring back hanging

  • Victoria A.
    20/11/2018 07:00

    Do not respect the police! the less they do not respect civilians, the police must have more power over these gang members.

  • Christine M.
    20/11/2018 09:03

    Bring more police

  • Jeff C.
    20/11/2018 10:19

    Watch on beefldn for original

  • Mark B.
    20/11/2018 10:45

    Who filmed it arrest them for a start

  • Zues M.
    20/11/2018 10:49

    50 old woman as a cop what did you expect lmfao

  • Gary M.
    20/11/2018 11:04

    Should have stamped on the pigs 😀

  • David C.
    20/11/2018 11:59


  • Andrew W.
    20/11/2018 12:56

    Stop employing police women on the front line and bring back the minimum height for police male officers.

  • Rob P.
    20/11/2018 13:06

    Same idiots crying about being stopped by police for acting dodgy, they have batons dont get why they didnt crack them in their face