Who is behind "Tommy Robinson"?

He tells others to fight for British identity, but here's why his own identity isn't clear. Who is "Tommy Robinson"?

28/09/2018 13:32
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  • Dee K.
    11/04/2019 08:32

    Tommy Robinson does not lie about his past, though nearly every Minister in Parliment does, and they have far shadier pasts This man is hounded and persecuted along with his family why? Because he opens up the truth, the powers that be can't have that so they will suppress him . Tommy needs to reach out further, I know he has a personal life but ... There is work in this country to be done and this man with a few key members could get it done. Our government are failing us just for personal gain and our country will be for ever shackled if something is not done NOW. When free movement was agreed religion wasn't taken into consideration as this was and is a grave mistake as we are now seeing . The EU is a big mistake to the longer Parliment leave us in limbo the day will come when we carnt leave 2022 all those still in the EU will take the Euro as currency this MUST NOT HAPPEN .... NO extension NO DEAL... And Hell NO SECOND REFERENDUM... it will be fixed as they can't chance another leave vote .

  • Phil J.
    02/02/2019 12:46

    We should have a tommy Robinson in every country city and town

  • Phil J.
    02/02/2019 12:44

    Well I am

  • Aaron P.
    08/10/2018 21:03

    He’s becoming more liked and more understood by the day as all mainstream media slowly dies and people start to see the truth

  • Derrick N.
    07/10/2018 01:11

    I love how these fake news outlets try their best to slander Tommy, but the true Brits love him 👍❤

  • Mark S.
    04/10/2018 19:16

    Go on Tommy lad

  • Mark C.
    03/10/2018 23:09

    Tommy for pm

  • Lee 父.
    03/10/2018 19:41

    Rock on Tommy

  • Paul W.
    03/10/2018 17:23


  • Pete P.
    03/10/2018 16:32

    Again, people need to learn that this guy is a symptom, and not a cause. He's the mouthpiece of a legitimate concern. Attacking him personally may score points with those who disagree, but it only solidifies the relationship he has with his supporters. Attack the IDEAS, not the man. Maybe the reason ideas are seldom attacked is because they are deserving of serious consideration. Continue on the current path and you might just see him, or someone very much like him living at #10 Downing St. Don't ask "U.S." how we know.

  • Razu A.
    03/10/2018 14:00

    But what is wrong with screaming Allah Akbar it only means GOD IS GREAT!!!!! Why don’t you guys believe GOD IS GREAT????? Lol

  • Scott F.
    03/10/2018 13:13

    Need more people like him

  • Matthew E.
    03/10/2018 12:38

    He is a free speech champion to me. Keep up the good work tommy

  • Chris L.
    03/10/2018 08:31

    Tommy does what everyone is to scared to do we need more Tommy's

  • Karl P.
    03/10/2018 01:44

    Hate this prick

  • Lewis K.
    02/10/2018 22:01

    His record is almost on par with many of our past and present governments. I am no fan but I can’t help but Feel he is a “useful idiot” for the people in power in the uk. “Hey stupid people, check out how bad this guy is!” People look away, gov sells weapons too despotic folk worldwide.... not bad idea eh?

  • Lorna K.
    02/10/2018 18:13

    Top man tommy

  • Jack B.
    02/10/2018 18:00

    He can't be a legend I don't even know who he is

  • Stephen C.
    02/10/2018 17:06

    Says what others are scared to !!!!!

  • Dan B.
    02/10/2018 16:57

    Looking at the comments and i think your post has failed 😂