The trapdoor spider's fearsome hunting technique


Hidden in its almost undetectable burrow, it waits for the perfect moment to strike. Meet the scary trapdoor spider. 😰

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The meaning behind removing Confederate monuments


Most Confederate monuments were built decades after the Civil War, and serve as an "oppressive reminder of our past." An African American studies professor explains.

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The Iberian lynx still faces threats


This Iberian lynx, mother of four cubs, was killed by a poacher. Despite efforts to save the species, poaching still remains one of their primary causes of death.

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The life of Reese Witherspoon


"When women are the architects of the story, the stories change." Both on screen and off, she has used the world of film to empower women. This is Reese Witherspoon.

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The striking desert of White Sands National Park


A sea of dunes in dazzling white, stretching as far as the eye can see… Welcome to White Sands, a protected natural wonder in New Mexico.

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Ex-cop supports defunding the police


This ex-cop advocates for defunding the police. Here's why.

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Trump vs. every other U.S. president


"So who do you like better, Trump or Abraham Lincoln?"

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Boom time for bikes amid the coronavirus crisis


Amid the Covid-19 crisis, cities all over the world are rethinking transport... 🚴‍♀️

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Supreme Court federal law bans LGBTQ+ employment discrimination


The Supreme Court just ruled that LGBTQ+ workers are protected from job discrimination by the Civil Rights Act. Monica, a Florida teacher who was fired for being gay, is one of the many activists who fought to be protected in the workplace...

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Trump Administration Revives Banned Hunting Techniques


Baiting bear cubs with doughnuts to kill them, shooting wolf pups in their dens… These are the hunting techniques that have been made legal again by the Trump Administration.

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