Male Body Shaming is on the Rise

No one is immune to body shaming — not even "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa. But the uptick in body shaming of men says plenty about modern masculinity.

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Neighbors Protect a Man and His Son From ICE

"In the moment — it felt very scary." Nashville residents described how they formed a human chain around their neighbors when they were subjected to an ICE raid.

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The Life of Mick Jagger

He's been rocking and rolling since the 60s and shows no sign of stopping. This is Mick Jagger. 🎸👅

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Australia: The Carmichael coal mine is still courting controversy

A French TV crew was arrested in Australia for filming a protest against the Carmichael coal mine. Here is why this mining project is shaking up Australia.

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Doctor rebuilds after opioid addiction

As a doctor, he wrote prescriptions to feed his opioid addiction. Now, he's joining the fight against the deadliest drug in America — fentanyl.

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What is Flesh-Eating Bacteria?

"That was my abdomen I was looking straight into — and that was my bowels that I was looking at." This is what can happen if you are infected with flesh-eating bacteria.

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Pont du Gard, France: An impressive mineral landscape

The Tour de France crossed the world's highest Roman aqueduct yesterday. But the best way to contemplate the Pont du Gard and its beautiful setting could actually be to travel down this river... 🚣‍♀️

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How to Sleep Better

Sleepy? The blue light from this video won't help — but these five tips from a holistic psychiatrist can help you get the best rest possible. 😴

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Oldest Trees on the Planet are mysteriously dying out

Baobab trees are some of the oldest trees on the planet — but now they are mysteriously dying out.😧🌳

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How People (and Animals) Are Beating the Heat Wave

Too hot? Want to go to Alaska? Bad idea. This is the hottest period the planet has seen in 2,000 years — and it's almost the same everywhere.

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