These volunteers are planting trees to fight biodiversity loss

Planting trees to fight climate change and biodiversity loss is the goal of Reforest'Action. Brut Nature followed a team of volunteers out in the field. That day, they planted their 3 millionth tree.

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TV Stars Travel to U.S.-Mexico Border

America Ferrera led a delegation of Hollywood stars to the U.S.-Mexico border to shed light on what she calls a humanitarian crisis.

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Blind Sculptor Makes Visually-Stimulating Art

This Mexican ceramicist has no formal training — and he's blind. Yet he continues to surprise family and friends with his extraordinary ability to make stunning clay art.

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Cleaning Up With The #Trashtag Challenge

Have you taken the #trashtag challenge yet? The new viral sensation is taking social media by storm — and it's inspiring countless volunteers to clean up their communities.

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Deer Cave is home to millions of bats

Afraid of bats? Then you might not want to see this huge cave for real... 😏

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AOC Blasts Reagan’s ‘Welfare Queen’ Narrative

Lots of people praise Ronald Reagan — but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t a lot of people, taking the former president to task for his infamous stereotype of black mothers on welfare.

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President Trump Loves The American Flag

President Trump hugged the American flag at a conservative convention. The unusual moment isn’t unprecedented — it’s happened several times.

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Teen CEO Uses All-Natural Approach To Healthy Skin

This teen CEO came up with her own all-natural solution for healthy skin — and it’s catching the eye of some big-name brands.

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Balloons are more likely to kill animals than plastic debris

Hundreds of millions of them are released into the air each year, and putting wildlife in danger at the same time. 🎈

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Little Rock Cop Shoots Motorist

A black man was shot at least 15 times through his windshield. Now his family is demanding answers.

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