Navy Officer By Day and Drag Queen By Night

This navy officer is serving his country by day and serving looks by night as his drag queen alter ego HARPY.

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Sarah Shenker tells Brut about indigenous leader Paulo Paulino's life story

Paulo Paulino was shot dead on November 1 for trying to protect the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. Sarah Shenker from @survival used to work with this indigenous leader who devoted his life to preserve the forest that he called home. She tells Brut about his life story.

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The Legacy of the 1968 Olympics Black Power Salute

Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos made a daring and controversial statement at the 1968 Olympics. Their careers crumbled afterwards, but their legacy lives on.

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Impressive images of kayakers descending the Saut du Doubs

This giant french waterfall is usually impossible to navigate in kayak. But not for these 3 friends who took the challenge head on. Watch the impressive footage of their dizzying fall.

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Exclusive: “Lula” da Silva Speaks to Brut From Prison

He has been imprisoned for 18 months. His life in detention, Trump, Bolsonaro, the Amazon... Brazil's former president Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva talks to Brut from prison in this exclusive interview.

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How do kangaroos fight?

Note to self: never get in a fight with a kangaroo.

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The Dad Who Started the Changing Table Revolution

A year ago, a photo of him changing his son’s diaper in a men's restroom went viral. Now, he's advocating for dads — and has teamed up with Pampers and the NFL.

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Trump Won’t Stop Comparing Himself to Obama

Trump? Jealous of Obama? Maybe… 👀

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Amazon Activist Paulo Paulino Guajajara Killed at 26

He dedicated his life to protecting his native forest from illegal logging. At 26, Paulo Paulino Guajajara was murdered by wood traffickers in the Amazon.

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This Company Offers 60 Sizes of Condoms

This company offers 60 sizes of condoms — a custom fit to promote safer sex. Special thanks to ONE Condoms.

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