3 innovative urban greening initiatives


Vertical gardens, supertrees... Here are 3 innovative greening initiatives launched by cities across the world.

Living with severe acne: Mattéa tells her story


At 16, Mattéa developed severe acne from stress. Despite the cruel comments and bullying, she's taken to TikTok to show support to other young girls like her who are struggling to accept themselves.

Matt Damon gets candid with Brut at the Cannes Film Festival


Matt Damon opens about why he's taken more seriously as an actor while speaking to Brut at the Festival de Cannes.

Are we living in a dystopian nightmare?


"My boss’s dogs have health care, and I don't." Are we living in a dystopian nightmare? For these people, the answer is yes, and here's why ...

This bird regurgitates a revolting substance onto their predators


Vomiting to keep predators away. That's the disgusting but effective technique that fulmars use as self-defense.

When did body hair become seen as "unfeminine"?


It grows naturally on women's legs, underarms and labia... and yet women who refuse to remove their body hair are stigmatized, and even attacked. How did we get here?

The unbelievable reason why Jane Roe changed her mind about abortion


The woman behind "Roe v Wade" became an anti-abortion activist ... and she revealed the unbelievable reason behind her change of stance on her deathbed.

Nepal: the death-defying honey hunters


Dangling on a bamboo rope ladder above a precipice, this man defies the world's largest honeybees. His prize? A hive filled with hallucinogenic honey.

One of the strangest animals on the planet, this is the echidna


It is a mammal but it lays eggs. It has electric-like sensors on its snout but no teeth. Meet the echidna — one of the weirdest creatures on the planet.

To save money on rent, he moved into his cubicle


His employers refused to give him a performance review or a raise. So this man moved into his cubicle at work ... because he couldn't afford his rent. Here's what happened next.

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