Safety of Peloton treadmill questioned after child death


A safety commission released this video of a little boy getting stuck under a Peloton treadmill and is calling for a recall. After dozens of cases, including a death, owners with kids and small pets are being warned to immediately stop using the exercise equipment.

The Nā Pali coast offers breathtaking landscapes


This is where Steven Spielberg shot The Lost World: Jurassic Park. 🦖

Moving to Ghana as a Black American


"Not having to worry about your freedom as a Black person... That is the ultimate goal for me." In 2019, Deijha Gordon uprooted her American life and moved to Ghana. Here's why she did it.

The Handmaid's Tale taught Elisabeth Moss to speak out for women's rights


Her character's red cloak on Handmaid's Tale became a symbol of political protest in real life. Here's how the dystopian drama helped Elisabeth Moss find her feminism.

New evidence in soldier Vanessa Guillén's death in Army's #metoo


The U.S. Army has confirmed soldier Vanessa Guillén, who was murdered in April 2020, was sexually harassed by a superior. Her death continues to highlight systemic issues within the military and calls for change.

These Muslim men perform last rites for Hindu COVID victims


These Muslim men are giving Hindu victims of Covid-19 their last rites as a deadly second wave devastates India.

Politicians on racism in America


Is America a racist country? These politicians had very different answers...

Iguazú Falls: 275 impressive waterfalls


6 million liters of water flow over these falls each second, the equivalent of 2.5 Olympic swimming pools. Welcome to the Iguazú Falls, at the border between Brazil and Argentina.

Gen Z vs. Millennials


Side parts, skinny jeans, and emojis... Gen Z and Millennials battle it out on the internet.

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