Summer 2021 in extreme weather


Record-high temperatures, unprecedented flooding, devastating hurricanes. Not an apocalyptic movie. This is how the world is experiencing the summer of 2021 ... and it's not even over.

Why flamingos are pink


No, flamingos are not born pink. Here is why they actually end up turning pink.

Caring for a Deaf Parent with Dementia


Her mother is deaf and has dementia — and she’s using social media to highlight her struggle to find proper care within the assisted living industry.

Beyond the music and drama of "Love & Hip Hop"


It helped launch Cardi B into stardom, and it stunned viewers with explosive drama, but that's not all. “Love & Hip Hop” creator Mona Scott-Young spoke to Brut about how the show created a space for Black representation in reality TV…

Why is California so vulnerable to wildfires?


Wildfires in California have burned three times more land than last year’s record-breaking season. Here’s why California is so vulnerable to wildfires ...

This grandma-grandson hand drum duo are taking the internet by storm


This 11-year-old and his grandmother are taking the internet by storm with their Indigenous hand drum group. Now they are signing a record deal. Meet Chubby Cree.

Living root bridges made of living plants


These living root bridges are made of living plants and get more stable with time. 🌳 (via Brut nature)

Gwen Stefani: the story behind 'Hollaback Girl'


"So I heard that you were talking s––t." Gwen Stefani told us the real story that inspired her hit single "Hollaback Girl."

The life of Anthony Bourdain


"He made everybody love food." He went from an unknown chef who struggled with drug addiction, to one of the world's most popular TV hosts... This is the life of Anthony Bourdain.

Ballerina finally gets pointe shoes in her skin tone


"Other little brown girls can look at me and know that they can do ballet too." For this ballerina, receiving pointe shoes matching her skin tone was more than a leap in the right direction...