Living while black: What the Central Park incident reveals


"Even if the police aren't involved, they're in our head." - Baratunde Thurston

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Coca leaves have been consumed for thousands of years


Used as an appetite suppressant, as an energizer or as a medicine in South America, coca leaves are not just for making cocaine.

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Larry Kramer, remembered


"We don't fight back with sufficient fury. And that pains me, because I love being gay, and I love gay people." Larry Kramer, playwright and vocal AIDS activist, has died at 84.

Is this the end of handshakes?


Goodbye for now, dear old handshake. 😢🤝

The Isle of Pines, "Jewel of the Pacific"


This exceptional place in New Caledonia is known as the "closest island to paradise". Natural pools, coral reefs and tropical forests… Welcome to the Isle of Pines. 🏝

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Tegu lizards are invading the American South


Often kept as pets, these huge exotic lizards are now invading the American South...

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Bringing together indigenous people while social distancing


"Even our elders are going live on Facebook to share their energy." The Native American powwow season started just as the coronavirus crisis hit, but that hasn't stopped thousands of indigenous people from attending these traditional gatherings... online.

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Millions of animals killed in American slaughterhouses because of COVID-19


Meanwhile in American slaughterhouses, millions of animals are being euthanized because of the COVID-19 pandemic...

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"I can't breathe": George Floyd's death sparks outrage


⚠️ Warning: distressing images. His name was George Floyd. He was an unarmed 46-year-old black man.

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This low-tech initiative brings light to remote areas


This remote village in the Philippines has no electricity, and yet it has managed to get light. This is how.💡 [email protected]

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