What are red flag gun laws?

12 states approved red flag gun laws after the 2018 Parkland shooting. Here's how they work.

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Philippine volcano Taal is spewing ash and lava

Thousands of residents have fled, hundreds of international flights have been cancelled…The Philippines is on high alert: The Taal volcano has awakened.

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Caring for a Deaf Parent with Dementia

Her mother is deaf and has dementia — and she’s using social media to highlight her struggle to find proper care within the assisted living industry.

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When humanity was inches from destruction

These are the major instances of humanity pushing towards the brink of disaster.

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A day in the life of a rural vet

Providing care for farm animals at any time of day or night is Sébastien's mission. This is how this rural veterinarian spends his days...

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TikTok videos to ditch vaping

Want to quit vaping? These teens ditching their Juuls creatively may inspire you.

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How "The rapist is you" went global

How did a Chilean song against gender violence become a global feminist anthem?

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Crocodilians have a surprising maternal instinct

They may have a reputation of being bloodthirsty animals, but crocodiles are actually loving mothers. 🐊💕

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Franky Zapata Crosses the English Channel on His Flyboard

French inventor Franky Zapata successfully traveled 22 miles across the English Channel on his Flyboard — just 10 days after he crashed into the sea. 🕴️

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Hasidic trans activist shares story

She was born a boy in one of the most gender-segregated cultures. This is Abby Stein’s story of transition.

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