The life of Princess Diana


She broke all the rules of Britain's royal family. She died at 36, chased one last time by paparazzi. This is the story of Princess Diana.

There were voter fraud protesters in the 2000 election too


"Stop the count!" Decades before "Stop the Steal" challenged the 2020 results, there was the Brooks Brothers riot…

4 cliches on metal by Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo


No, they don't all worship the devil. Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo breaks down four cliches on metal music.

Operation "Thunder 2020": the fight against wild animal trafficking


More than 45,000 animals and plants rescued, thousands of wildlife products seized, hundreds of arrests… This Is the result of the "Thunder 2020" operation.

Covid evictions: Inside the NYC rent strike


Cockroaches, rats, dirty water, mold, leaking holes ... and no money to pay rent amid the Covid crisis. Brut met the Bronx residents at the center of a major rent strike. Here's what we saw.

The "hands of God": A look at Vietnam's Golden Bridge


Perched on a mountaintop in Vietnam, these two giant stone hands hold a breathtaking bridge.

Waacking: Making people see the music


"Waacking is singing with your body." Born in gay clubs of the disco era, this dance form has empowered generations of LGBTQ+ dancers... and beyond. Performer Princess Lockerooo tells us about the legacy she's striving to preserve.

Racing for the Moon’s ressources


Half a century ago, humans wanted to conquer it. Now, they’re racing to exploit it. Here’s why the Moon’s ressources are about to spark a trade war…

Meet the 'Gangsta Gardener' of Los Angeles


"Growing your own food, feeding people … that's gangsta." In South Central Los Angeles, the "Gangsta Gardener" is bringing more than plants to the neighborhood...

The life of Britney Spears


She's one of the world's top earning pop stars, but has had no control over her finances for more than a decade. This is the story of Britney Spears.

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