Wild animals sold on the Internet in Albania


Foxes, monkeys and wolves sold on the Internet. This is what FOUR PAWS International discovered in Albania. And according to the ONG, illegal wildlife trade there is "out of control"...

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3 strange life forms


Some are almost immortal, others almost indestructible, and all of them fascinate scientists. Here are 3 strange life forms. 👀

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Nepal: the death-defying honey hunters


Dangling on a bamboo rope ladder above a precipice, this man defies the world's largest honeybees. His prize? A hive filled with hallucinogenic honey.

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The "Vogue Challenge": Black creatives call for diversity in fashion


To call out the most prestigious fashion magazine for its lack of diversity, Black people are photoshopping themselves on its cover. Get to know the #VogueChallenge.

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Interview with a real female spy


"Did I ever sleep with someone to get intelligence?" Jonna Mendez can't stand films about female spies. The reason? She was a real one.

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The life of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


From bartender to political powerhouse, she has managed to reshape her party's agenda in a little over a year. This is the story of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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France's Colorado, the largest deposits of ochre in the world


Infinite shades of yellow, orange and red glowing under the bright summer sun. Welcome to Colorado Provencal in France. 🇫🇷

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Living while black: What the Central Park incident reveals


"Even if the police aren't involved, they're in our head." - @baratunde

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Black Lives Matter in France: Assa Traoré's fight


Since her brother died in police custody, she has become the face of a movement similar to Black Lives Matter in France, which gained momentum after the George Floyd protests. Brut met with activist Assa Traoré, who told us her side of the story that changed her life forever.

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General Sherman: the largest living organism in the world


It's the largest living organism on Earth. Meet General Sherman, California's giant sequoia.

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