The feminicide problem in the U.S.

Every day, dozens of women are killed by men in the U.S. For this professor, it's time to call it what it really is: feminicide.

1 out of 5 women will die at the hands of their intimate partners

According to Dr. Jodie Roure, an Associate Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, this statistic highlights the unfortunate truth of this type of crime — feminicide. This term used when a woman is killed, in most cases by a man, because of her gender.

Home is the most dangerous space for women

The United Nations recently released a report that revealed that home is the most dangerous space for women across the world. More than half of the homicides committed against women each year are done by their intimate partners which is horrifying and why it needs to be talked about.

When can we have the discussion?

Feminicide is not being widely discussed in the United States. It is not a popular term here. However, it’s an emerging concept across other parts of the world, specifically in Latin America, where women at the grassroots level are dedicated to spreading awareness on the reality that women are dying at the hands of their intimate partners for the sole reason being their gender. Movements like this arise when the law alone is not enough.

The law is not enough

Feminicide is not a popular topic amongst politicians; this is likely because no one wants to have a high incidence of feminicide in their backyard. Yet, if this topic is actually discussed, incorporated into the law, and data is collected, people are going to start realizing how massive this global problem is.

Data is a mobilizing factor to effect change which is why it’s so important

There is not one centralized location where feminicide data is collected; the data is not being collected in a unified way. There are women across the United States who are gathering this type of data. They are not statisticians, but it is a helpful starting point that can be used to bring attention to these horrific crimes and save the lives of so many women.