Jackson Katz on men’s violence against women

“Just saying ‘I don’t rape my girlfriend’ isn’t something guys should be getting high fives for.” For this educator, violence against women is a men’s issue. Here’s why ...

15/11/2021 13:33

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  • Tyrone C.
    17/11/2021 05:52

    I wanna talk about women's violence against men.

  • Michael W.
    15/11/2021 21:45

    do you fight womens vilolence towards men? or what about women on women?

  • Anna M.
    15/11/2021 16:51


  • Silvia M.
    15/11/2021 15:53

    Oh! More men like him, please!!!!

  • Lauren M.
    15/11/2021 15:49

    Thank you a million times over for your activism! 🙏

  • Ach N.
    15/11/2021 15:26

    Thank you for this perspective I can’t agree more!

  • Brut
    15/11/2021 15:02

    Find out more about Jackson Katz here:

  • Laura Q.
    15/11/2021 14:51

    A million times this.

  • Kriss S.
    15/11/2021 14:16

    This is my two cents...a man inserts thats why he is deemed dominant plus history doesent favour men...but in this day and age most developed soceities have empowered women...I as a man have an affinity for a daughter because women are sweet and more determined in life..but women are taking advantage and making men seem as the villains when they are actually the real villians ...SMH