Michigan lawmaker on tackling gun violence

“Children are killing children. If you’re not going to do anything, then get out of the way so that some of us can.” After the Oxford shooting, this Michigan lawmaker wants her legislature to finally tackle gun violence.

06/12/2021 23:58

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  • Rachel C.
    07/12/2021 20:20

    I agree 100%

  • Starrai Z.
    07/12/2021 19:16

    If not now then when? Well done

  • Jennifer L.
    07/12/2021 06:26

    "This is the only country in the world where this regularly happens." How can this continue? Why aren't politicians doing more? I cannot imagine how parents send their children to school, not knowing they will be safe AND COME HOME ALIVE!??!

  • Eddy A.
    07/12/2021 03:43


  • Timothy C.
    07/12/2021 02:34

    If you think gun control will help you have a screw loose, kids need to be raised to respect and not hate.

  • Murphy N.
    07/12/2021 01:25

    Why are Americans blaming the British People FOR YOUR gun laws.

  • Bernadine N.
    07/12/2021 00:07

    American ancestors used guns because they were defending themselves against those whose land they stole by force. American ancestors needed guns to keep stolen people in place to build America. Americans need guns because they are terrified of what they think they might lose. It’s time to be courageous.