Simple questions about COVID-19 variants

What do we know about the omicron variant? Are variants always less serious than earlier strains? Will there be another COVID variant? Simple questions about COVID-19 variants answered by a doctor ...

20/12/2021 18:30mise à jour : 20/12/2021 19:26

4 commentaires

  • Emma R.
    20/01/2022 14:02

    Je viens de tomber cela dessus une lettre qui redonne de la force.

  • Chris A.
    20/01/2022 12:32

    Or delta

  • Chris A.
    20/01/2022 12:32


  • Denise T.
    19/01/2022 17:37

    Lies all lies don't care about none of that crap i know people who had all there shots and still died talk about that , I'm not taking any vaccine i had the Covid and I'm fine to God be the glory people do your research before you run out and take these vaccine i did mine smh and i will never take ,our government is corrupt Bill Gates is the wickedest FDA won't have any data for any vaccines until 55 years from now the CDC has no data for these vaccines so where are the visor and all of them get the data from?????? They put it on the news to fear people people get paid to make people fearful understand that they want people to run and take these shots wake up people people are dying left and right and it's not because they got Covid Colby gets killing people any complications you have in your body when you take these shots it's making it worse so when people die they say they die of this they died of that but really it's covid just think even if people were dying and they took the shot do you really honestly think they would tell you that they died with the covic shots wake up people they say it's too many people they're trying to kill us off babies children they have children between the ages of 5 and 12 who took these shots who are having complications with their hearts do your research people read understand what's going on in this world God said we going to have a Lost generation God said we was going to have many diseases that we ain't going to know where they came from or what's going on wake up this is the day.

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