The life of Jacinda Ardern

"Kindness" is how she describes her political style. She changed her country's gun laws 10 days after a white supremacist terror attack, and has been praised for her management of the coronavirus crisis. This is the story of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

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  • Gabriel I.
    30/08/2020 09:46

    Of course Americans are going to laugh at this smh. This is awesome.

  • Thitima K.
    29/08/2020 03:48


  • Billy R.
    26/08/2020 23:44

    Geez they got rid of that video showing it’s package.? Bit of sensorship going on.??

  • Billy R.
    26/08/2020 23:30

    Some of these comments are gold.Transgender they say.😂. Could be true.?? I just don’t trust her.!!

  • Hadleigh C.
    24/08/2020 09:31

    The most interesting thing about this post is the comments. Because when you start to click on peoples profiles you realize the profiles are not real. Lots of fake profiles making fake comments. Social media is really getting in the way of real people having real conversations.

  • Luchelle L.
    23/08/2020 10:01

    She is an inspiration

  • Luchelle L.
    23/08/2020 09:48

    Jacinda Adern I am so glad your are our primeminster 👍🌹

  • Denise C.
    23/08/2020 08:57

    A truely great leader

  • Khairul K.
    22/08/2020 20:50

    A lady of understanding, kind, caring, compassionate, virtuous, these are some of the ingredients you need to be a good leader.

  • Mike A.
    22/08/2020 20:27

    i hate these fan pages the most.

  • Mike A.
    22/08/2020 20:09

    what a disgrace.

  • Caramella G.
    22/08/2020 05:43

    the 20% pay cut has not yet been implemented. So just one of many lies

  • Ravi Kumar s
    22/08/2020 00:57

    love from india 💓

  • Andy D.
    21/08/2020 18:36

    Could do with her over here for a few years

  • Sandra N.
    20/08/2020 23:18

    That was really lovely to watch and Wow what a trail blazer. Jacinda you are amazing and a true aspiration to the younger generation ❤️

  • Leigh G.
    20/08/2020 21:57

    The best one at that..and aunty Helen...

  • Dawn G.
    20/08/2020 10:20

    Continually amazed by this woman, intelligence with compassion. So many male politicians could learn so much from following her lead.

  • Tyne M.
    20/08/2020 07:48

    Thank you our prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. 😊❤👍

  • Kathryn H.
    20/08/2020 01:59

    For everyone who is making comments about this evil witch, you must watch this - it might change your mind. It has brought in full term abortion and now closing down the country because a family have got a case of the cold. It's mentor is Hillary Clinton and good mates with Bill Gates. It is pure dark evil.

  • Aśka B.
    19/08/2020 23:04

    When customer call and say that they cannot work because they are pregnant or have young children, that annoys me so much. I was a single mother who worked, studied and took care of my boys, so I am the wrong person to come with that excuse.

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