A day in the life of a transgender sex worker

They face violence and discrimination. They are transgender. And they have been sex workers since they were teenagers. This is a day in their lives.

01/08/2020 13:58

1835 commentaires

  • Lemuel E.
    2 jours

    watch mo muna to

  • Sabbie V.
    3 jours


  • Corina V.
    3 jours

    Life choices

  • Colton H.
    4 jours


  • Kylah C.
    5 jours

    So they can afford boob implants but not want to change and get a better life ?

  • Brandon K.
    6 jours


  • Brandon K.
    6 jours

    This is sick

  • Jeff W.
    6 jours

    Who cares lmfao

  • Sam W.
    6 jours

    I know how to help them

  • Joydratha S.
    6 jours


  • John O.
    6 jours

    they're dudes dressed as women. They've got to know that anyone who would want them is already sick and twisted. It's just not a safe bunch to hang around.

  • Gabriel T.
    6 jours

    lmaoo wtff

  • Eric K.
    6 jours

    they can have all the love they want. But yeesh

  • John T.
    6 jours

    He's a MAN not a WOMAN, who he chooses to love is his business, what he does with his life is his business.

  • John M.
    6 jours

    This is whatr happens when you close down all the FREAK shows. and limit mental health for People who act like freaks.

  • James B.
    7 jours

    That’s f up omg 😮 nasty

  • Wences C.
    7 jours

    , perspective

  • Aeisha K.
    7 jours

    This has to be a hard “ living” 😩 My goodness I cannot imagine having to do all this .. this is too much 😩

  • Dale E.
    7 jours

    That's enough to make you sick

  • Isaías P.
    7 jours

    i think i saw your car pick one up? lemme find out

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