Former student shuts teaching suggestion on the Holocaust

A controversial Texas law prompted a suggestion to cover "opposing" views of the Holocaust. This is what a former student had to say about it ...

20/10/2021 22:58

12 commentaires

  • Mohamed P.
    04/11/2021 16:45

    Ever the victim. He doesn't like any questioning of Zionist behaviour,perhaps

  • Azize B.
    04/11/2021 15:30

    But your coreligionists in Israel are not only bullying but killing Palestinians on a daily basis

  • TenZn T.
    04/11/2021 08:57

    Brut India what about andh bhakts and their equivalent brainwashed muslims?

  • Sarada P.
    04/11/2021 08:34

    Brut india just focus on india

  • Akmal K.
    22/10/2021 06:39


  • Silvia M.
    21/10/2021 19:34

    On behalf of any genocide, it doesn't matter what is based on (racism, sexism, religion, misogyny, gender...) The killers' "reasons" can be exposed but the crime itself can't be denied.

  • Agustin O.
    21/10/2021 18:58

    I agree with everything you said👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Eddie G.
    21/10/2021 18:49

    On behalf of the 130 Million christians that are murdered for their beliefs and the 120 countries that Christianity is banned in very ironic

  • Chaudhry A.
    21/10/2021 14:23

    On behalf of palestinian muslims...... Ironic isn't it? 😂

  • Lezlie S.
    21/10/2021 13:54

    What is an "opposing" perspective on the Holocaust ? Like... No deportations ? No labour camps ? No extermination camps ? No gaz chambers ? No mass graves ? No millions dead ? No nazis ? No war maybe ?

  • Elle M.
    21/10/2021 13:09

    Why should we be surprised? Teaching the Nazi's side would only be doing exactly what we already do when teaching the Colonists side of the Indigenous genocide. We already teach in favor of and excuse or justify genocide here and teach our kids to do so... You don't think you could explain away the horrors of the Holocaust? Of course they could, and it would open it up to happen again and again and again.

  • Taiwo A.
    21/10/2021 13:02

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