Matthew McConaughey ends speculation on Texas governor run

"We have some problems we need to fix." Matthew McConaughey ended speculation on whether he's running for governor of Texas. This is what he thinks about entering politics...

29/11/2021 20:58

6 commentaires

  • Andi A.
    04/12/2021 10:05

    He has a name? He will always be "the guy from Interstellar" for me :D

  • Joel M.
    02/12/2021 00:38

    Democrat like him will destroy Texas

  • Mark M.
    29/11/2021 22:21

    We really do need people who already have established Fame to replace some of these Republicans who are so detrimental to our country in positions of power which would enable us to actually move this country forward and away from the fascist agenda that the Republicans are pushing

  • Laxmi A.
    29/11/2021 22:06

    Actors need to stay out of politics. They have an unrealistic view of life.

  • Laxmi A.
    29/11/2021 22:05

    I don't like him. There is something off.

  • Ojie N.
    29/11/2021 21:08

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