Exercises For Home Quarantine


Five home exercises to help you stay fit in quarantine. 🏋

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Ahmedabad Police Upturn Vegetable Carts


These policemen in Ahmedabad made clear their disapproval while implementing the lockdown.

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Migrants Disinfected With Chemical In Bareilly


Migrants who arrived in Bareilly were sprayed with a chemical solution resulting in national outrage.

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Landlord Waives Rent To Help Covid Effort


This landlord said he waived rent for 50 of his poor tenants. Many migrant workers left cities in crowds to avoid paying the high cost of living.

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Covid-19: Indian Railways Offers Isolation Option


Can India’s trains turn into Covid-19 care centres? Take a look. 👀

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Police Struggle To Keep Indians Off The Street


Here's how the police is struggling to ensure over a billion Indians stay at home. 🚨

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Lockdown Underway, Hunger Big Concern In India


Caught in the Covid-19 lockdown, this homeless couple is among thousands struggling to make ends meet. 😢

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For India’s Poor, A Voyage Before The Virus


Hungry and without hope, thousands of migrant workers streamed out of Indian cities after PM Modi announced a 21-day lockdown. The last time so many Indians covered such long distances on foot was probably during Partition.

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Are India's Private Hospitals Ready To Handle Covid-19?


If the Covid-19 situation worsens, how are India's private hospitals planning to cope? This is what Dr. Girdhar Gyani, Director General of Association of Healthcare Providers (India), told Brut.

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World's Best Mommy Is A Single Dad


Pune’s Aditya Tiwari was adjudged "Best Mommy of the World" at an International Women's Day function in Bangalore recently. A single man, he had to go all out to win custody of Avnish, a child with Down syndrome, he met at an orphanage in 2016. This is their love story. 😍

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