M.K. Stalin's Long Road To The CM's Chair


He is the son of one of Tamil Nadu's biggest leaders, but his journey to the top took decades. Now he is finally set to become the state's oldest first-time chief minister. Who is he?

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A Young Doctor's Harrowing Choices


To save or not to save? Rohan Aggarwal, a junior doctor at a Delhi hospital, has to make unimaginably hard choices every day. And he hasn’t even finished his medical training yet.

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An 'Oxygen Scam' In Delhi-NCR


As families scramble desperately for oxygen to save their loved ones, unscrupulous people are cheating them out of large amounts of money, and precious time. Watch this to know more. 👀

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S. Jaishankar On Criticism Of Govt's Handling Of Second Wave


Foreign minister S. Jaishankar said he preferred to take public health experts more seriously than media reports which criticised the Modi government's handling of the pandemic. Do you agree with him?

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Here's Why The Internet Is Going Gaga Over RaGa


Aikido, push-ups, dancing... Rahul Gandhi has a new avatar and the internet is here for it. 💪🏼

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Four Reasons Why Kerala Has Surplus Oxygen Supply


Kerala is one of the worst-affected states in terms of cases during the second wave of Covid-19 in India. And yet, oxygen supply is the least of its problems for now. Here’s why…

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Mumbai Volunteer Distributes Free Oxygen


In Mumbai, 32-year-old Shanawaz Shaikh sold his expensive SUV to distribute oxygen cylinders for free.

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Not Your Average Bounty Hunter


Want to get your Rs. 60,000 iPhone for free? He knows how to do it. But he's using his skills for good. Meet one of India's top bug bounty hunters.

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Pune Doctor Back At Work 2 Days After Father's Death


His mother and brother are battling Covid-19 in hospital, his father succumbed to the disease. But Dr. Mukund Penurkar is back at work because he couldn't see other people suffering...

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Confused About Social Media Etiquette During A Pandemic?


Are you feeling guilty about posting a photo of your pet on social media during this difficult time? Should celebrities be called out for uploading pics of their exotic vacations? Brut spoke to ethicist Bruce Weinstein to find out...

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