Who Is Hafiz Muhammad Saeed?

Infamous for being the mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, this is how Hafiz Saeed became a terrorist...

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The Indian Doctor Helping China Fight Coronavirus

Despite his mother’s pleas to return, this Indian doctor continues to work in a quarantine facility for coronavirus patients in China.

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The Man Who Faced Fear & Loathing In Mumbai Cab

He was hauled to a police station on suspicion that he wanted to set the country on fire. By his Uber driver. In this appeal to the PM, poet Bappadittya Sarkar says the narrative of hate must stop. 🙅‍♂️

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Karnataka Labourer Faster Than Usain Bolt?

No shoes on and a pair of speeding buffaloes to control, this construction labourer is said to have broken the 100metre world record. This is how Karnataka's Srinivasa Gowda gets set and goes. 🏃

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India's Anti-Valentine's Day Vigilantes

Every year right-wing groups harass couples on Valentine's Day. Here’s why the day of love attracts so much hate in India. 💔

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Fresh Visuals Of Police Assault In Jamia Library

Jamia library. Delhi Police. The night of 15 December 2019. New CCTV footage triggered fresh debate about the role of cops in the campus violence.

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Drink Juice Straight Off The Fruit Here

This cafe in Bengaluru is reducing plastic waste, one fruit cup at a time. 😎

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Meet India's Most Versatile RJ

RJ Abhinav is an actor, dancer and entertainer. But can he perform these internet challenges?

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Unoriginal Content Killing India's Oscar Aspirations

What's India getting wrong at the Oscars?

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Riches to Rags: The Story of Air India

It was once the pride of the country and the model for many Asian airlines. Today, it's the butt of countless jokes. This is the rise and fall of India's public airline.

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