Benaras Babas Predict Poll Results

Too much weed or are these Benaras babas onto something?

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The ‘Sadhvi’ Who Insulted The Mahatma

Pragya Thakur gave BJP one more opportunity to regret fielding her from Bhopal.

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In Punjab, Sidhus Vs Amarinder Singh

Congress is expected to perform strongly in Punjab. So why are the Sidhus so upset? 😡

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Modi Predicted To Scoop Up Second Term In Power

The 2019 exit polls predicted a BJP win. But can these surveys be trusted?

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Modi’s Kedarnath Shut-Eye Riled Opposition Parties

Ahead of the exit poll results, this trip to the mountains seemed to have worked wonders for the Prime Minister. 🧘🏽‍♀️

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Rape Protests: Rest Of India Vs. Kashmir

In Kashmir, even rape protests turn bloody. 😡

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Comedian Kunal Kamra Quizzes CM Arvind Kejriwal

When Kunal Kamra met Kejriwal… it was Modi who got hurt. 👀

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Daddy’s Girl Goes Viral After Mosque Antics

Look dad, I got your back! 😂

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Priyanka Sharma Won't Apologise For The Mamata Meme

The woman jailed for sharing a Mamata Banerjee meme refused to back down.

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Mamata Banerjee Makes ‘Chowkidar’ House Rap

Was anyone else reminded of a DJ in a club? 😂

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