The Woman Who Fights Fire

She is India's first woman firefighter. But before Harshini Khanekar could start dousing fires, she had to find admission in an all-men’s college. She spoke to Brut India about the roadblocks in her inspiring journey. 👩‍🚒

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Meet Neerja Bhanot

Her fierce courage helped her hold her ground when terrorists boarded her flight. Neerja Bhanot would have turned 56 today.

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Angry Driver Rams Car Into Crowd

Watch the terrifying video of an angry driver who drove into a crowd of people in north-west Delhi before speeding off. 😰

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Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Backs Kashmir’s New Status

India’s biggest Muslim body just backed the Centre’s decision to scrap the special status of what used to be India’s only Muslim majority state.

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India Vs. Pakistan At The UN

India and Pakistan exchanged some searing blows at the UN Human Rights Council. ⚡️

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The 73-Year-Old New Mom

After waiting for about six decades to have a baby, this woman gave birth to twin girls, at 73! 😲

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Pakistan Foreign Minister’s Blooper at UNHRC

Trolls had a field day when Pakistan’s foreign minister made this gaffe during a press briefing at the UN Human Rights Council.

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Cab-Happy Millennials To Blame For Fall In Car Sales?

What ails India’s auto sector? This reply by the finance minister sparked some high-speed trolling by India’s millennials. 🤔

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Meet Noor Inayat Khan

She was an Indian princess who loved playing the harp. But she ended up a spy bringing the Nazi regime down. She died 75 years ago today.

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Activist Wants India To Step Up Gilgit Claim

This activist from Gilgit-Baltistan echoed the Indian view that the trans-Himalayan region does not belong to Pakistan.

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