AP Tourism Official Thrashes Woman Colleague


⚠ Warning: distressing visuals. A female employee bore the brunt of this deputy manager's aggression when he was asked to wear a mask.

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Hindu Cremations At Mumbai's Muslim Qabristan


Mumbai’s Bada Qabristan is helping both Hindus and Muslims perform last rites for people killed by the coronavirus.

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LK Advani Speech On Parliament’s 60th Anniversary


Why did India remain a democracy while several others lost their way? LK Advani was speaking on the 60th anniversary of the Indian Parliament on May 13, 2012. #tbt

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Mass Covid Burial Sparks Outrage


The coronavirus sometimes leaves little dignity in death. In Karnataka, eight people were thrown into a single grave after they succumbed to Covid-19.

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Imran Blames India For Karachi Terror Attack


This time Imran Khan accused India of trying to carry out a terror attack in Karachi on the lines of Mumbai 26/11.

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She Regained Memory, Family After 41 Years


When she lost her memory and home at the age of 53, a family in another state adopted her. But 41 years later, at the age of 94, she remembered one word from her past. What happened next is proof that fact is stranger than fiction.

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Russia's Oil Spill Turns River Red


Earlier this month, Russia declared a state of emergency after 20,000 tons of power plant fuel leaked into this Arctic river, turning it red. 😱

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Yet Another Politician Loses Lockdown Cool


K Arjunan is no more an MP but the Tamil Nadu politician was not going to have some police officials stop his lockdown journey. Just another instance of India's infamous VIP culture...

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Man Dies After Alleging Medical Negligence


35-year-old Covid-19 patient, V Ravikumar, left his father a video message before breathing his last in a Hyderabad hospital.

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“India Has Made A New Tryst With Destiny”


Why is India poor and how can it change? Manish Sabharwal suggests these 5 key reforms to transform the country.

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