50 Years Of Medimix

Its story could make a soap opera. Here's where Medimix comes from.

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5 Things that Will Be Cheaper With the Union Budget

Want to save money this year? The government says these things will cost less under the new Union Budget. 💰

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How To Make Your Own Dish Soap

Sick of wasting plastic and money on store-bought dish soap? Here's how to make your own. 🧴 🧽

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This Haryana Shelter Is Home to 700 Abandoned Animals

Anjali Gopalan is a human rights activist who became an animal rights activist. Now she has helped rehabilitate and house hundreds of animals.

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Meet the Charlie Chaplin of New Delhi

Delhi's India Gate has its very own Charlie Chaplin — and his real-life story has just as much pathos as the Tramp's.

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The Trend of Foreign Reaction Channels on YouTube

Why are so many foreign YouTubers suddenly interested in Indian culture? 👀🕵🏽‍♂️

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Congress MLA Has Followers Throw Mud on Engineer

Maharashtra lawmaker Nitesh Rane took mudslinging to a new level. 😠

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Aww-So-Cute Pup Refuses To Leave Fridge In Boiling Weather

Who can blame this puppy trying to escape the heat?

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AC Leak Dumps Water on Train Passengers

This viral video of a flooding Sanghmitra Express compartment shows that Indian trains are still not up to speed. 💦

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Bollywood Celebs Showing Off A New Internet Challenge

Have you tried the #BottleCapChallenge? Akshay Kumar says he just couldn't resist. 🤳🏽 💪

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