The lamprey is also known as the "stone licker"

This vampire fish is invading American soil. 🇺🇸

05/29/2018 3:57 PM
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  • Safiqul S.
    06/12/2018 17:12

    আল্লাহু, মোহান

  • Denny T.
    06/12/2018 13:55

    and it’s naturally in Ct rivers.... of course

  • Bernarka H.
    06/12/2018 08:40

    I’m just wondering if this fish has no known predators and been around for almost 360 million years, than how are they not supreme fish too at least freshwater areas?

  • Megan B.
    06/11/2018 19:43

    there is a picture of them in my album called summer 2012 I believe.

  • Katie J.
    06/11/2018 16:38

    I thought you might find this interesting

  • Yu G.
    06/02/2018 13:16

    I hope it will fuckup amerikas system

  • Debby P.
    05/31/2018 19:56


  • Kelsey R.
    05/31/2018 02:25

    Is that not a leech

  • Cindy S.
    05/31/2018 02:04

    Do they bite humans? I say do what ever it takes to get rid of them.

  • Gladys M.
    05/31/2018 01:31


  • Sharon R.
    05/31/2018 00:30

    Because digging artificial canals. Then you stuff chemicals into fresh water system to kill em off. Omg insanity.

  • مصطفى ص.
    05/30/2018 23:02

    مو يكولون هذة السمكة مفيدة للعامود الفقري مال الانسان . . يخلوها ع الظهر تحديدا العامود الفقري شلون دودة العلق او الحجامة بس هذة اختصاص عامود فقري هواي كتبت عامود فقري 😞

  • Sam M.
    05/30/2018 22:46

    No natural predators? Striped bass eat them like candy... just like Eels..👍

  • Erkki S.
    05/30/2018 20:04

    This thing is edible and is also quite expensive so get your business started now when you got the chance. You might as well get additional funding (read: "double profits) from the government to "fight this invasive species" by catching, grilling/frying/marinating them and selling them: 1 kg is 46$ when looking at the local prices. "Silmud, EESTI KALA, 250 g 9,99 €"

  • Vitor M.
    05/30/2018 19:57

    Is very tasty, cooked with potatoes...

  • Rohan F.
    05/30/2018 19:57

    Nature has countless mystery.

  • José M.
    05/30/2018 19:09 if It is invading American territory send Mr. Trump and make him putting his ass in the water to capture them😂😂😂😂

  • Phoebe R.
    05/30/2018 15:57

    yes this laympre.....

  • Jon A.
    05/30/2018 14:56

    is this the thing she saw

  • Ashmeg S.
    05/30/2018 14:11

    kill them all

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