The problem with the "male gaze" in Hollywood

90% of the movies Americans watch are from the perspective of a man. Here's how the "male gaze" has impacted women's representation in Hollywood.

15/02/2021 19:58


  • Ivan S.
    13/11/2021 21:27

    Or this is how much you have to put naked bodies on screen to make men spend more time and money. It is not only because of but also for what sometimes.

  • Brian A.
    13/11/2021 14:25

    Seriously it works on both sides just stop making it a issue.Usually it’s the middle age woman our men that have a issue with this nonsense.You all had no problems cashing them big paycheck though please!!!!

  • John D.
    12/11/2021 16:40

    Brave men can admit that we’ve not been fair. There’s a difference between admiring the opposed and objectifying them. Just because we’re often bigger and stronger doesn’t give us the right to diminish who they are to mere toys. Have some courage and stand up for them… give them power to make films. Afraid?

  • Martin L.
    12/11/2021 10:20

    The Kardashians was viewed by many women...but i think it was quite excuses on sexy from my perspectives it is not only men but also women who like to lock sexy, Instagram is surely a pinup collection... On the other hand, wearing a burka is not an option either...🔎🌐🇸🇪

  • Leroy D.
    12/11/2021 07:58

    Boring 😴😴😴

  • Ray A.
    12/11/2021 01:04

    I don't see a problem here

  • Dobson H.
    12/11/2021 00:07

    Can we take a minute to thank the aforementioned guys please !?...😏

  • Keith D.
    20/04/2021 23:09

    This has to be a joke. Women put a lot of work into making themselves look good enough to GET looks from others every single day and to deny it is just a gig old lie!

  • Greg B.
    20/04/2021 22:11

    Your point?

  • Sixto R.
    18/04/2021 13:34

    You won’t be a superstar if you don’t have a nice body and nothing to show in the movie. For example was Sharon Stone when she made the movie “Instinct” then she started her successful career...

  • Pedro S.
    17/04/2021 04:17

    good babies I like it

  • Noe Z.
    17/04/2021 04:11

    Beautiful ❤️

  • Tashi P.
    16/04/2021 17:47

    So how is a woman's gaze show us then???

  • NatiBurg B.
    16/04/2021 11:47

    NOW I SEE HOW THIS SOCIETY CREATES GAYS. This video is non-sense you are creating a anti-women movements/groups who the hell else am I suppose to drool over? don't punish me for other men that can't control themselves.

  • Jeff S.
    16/04/2021 10:12


  • Jimmy P.
    16/04/2021 09:54

    well without the male gaze, woman dont need make up or fancy bikinis to wear anymore..if men didnt look woman would be offended

  • Jeffery H.
    16/04/2021 05:06

    Ooh I like it like that ,slow slow motion for me , slow motion for me !!!!

  • Dan C.
    16/04/2021 04:01

    I kinda like when a woman can take care of her self

  • Nevin S.
    15/04/2021 06:39

    You mean PEDOWOOD is all about perversion????- I would never have guessed it?

  • Moory M.
    14/04/2021 22:53

    inappropriate poste I don’t think that you respect your followers specially Muslims in this holy month of Ramadan