The song behind the Jerusalema dance challenge

"I never thought people would be dancing to my song in the United States of America." His song became a worldwide hit after a viral TikTok dance challenge. South African DJ and musician Master KG tells us the origins of "Jerusalema."

06/09/2020 22:59


  • Coral B.
    13 horas

    it’s origins

  • Julie M.
    17 horas

    Be great if it could be sung in English, I love it anyway and lil ol me has nailed the dance routine, much 😍 love from uk

  • Asuman O.
    un día

    In Turkey too

  • Colin M.
    un día

    It cheers me up every time I hear it with the dance 😀

  • Len B.
    2 días

    Thank you and peace be with us all

  • Giselle B.
    2 días


  • Carol-ann H.
    2 días

    Oh I love this song god bless everyone .

  • Susan B.
    2 días

    Wonderful music

  • Johann S.
    3 días

    Absolutely a Wonderful song I miss Brenda Fassie

  • Francine G.
    3 días

    It makes my day all the time and so spiritual !! From Maryland, USA a ballet teacher , thank you !!!!

  • Julie C.
    3 días

    Sounds like the Holy Spirit have you the words. Awesome song

  • Sandra v.
    3 días

    daarom voelt dit nummer zo fijn😍

  • Kiran B.
    3 días

    Oh my god. I love this so much. Thankyou for giving us this. It always sounds amazing and even more during this awful year for everyone I listen to this over and over! I dance around the kitchen while cooking and have it on my playlist for the gym! Thankyou for giving it to us X England, UK.

  • Dinah A.
    3 días

    I love this song.

  • Jasmina S.
    3 días

    , 😘😘

  • Eileen G.
    4 días

    Thank you so much. Words cannot explain how I felt, the first time I heard this music. And every time now ,I get goose bumps. As soon as I heard the song , I thought wow, this sounds spiritual. And now to know it is, bless you 🙏 Thank you from Australia. I need to get some friends together 😀 I watch as many Jerusalema challenges I can every day. Makes me feel so good.

  • Susan O.
    4 días

    Amen. It really tugs at my soul... Xx

  • Pam W.
    4 días

    This soul music gets right inside you and makes you feel joyful and wanting to dance ...I love it

  • Collette D.
    5 días

    Blijft geweldig 🍀🍀❤️🙏🏼

  • Milena M.
    5 días

    I cant stop listening to it. Love it and love all the dance videos- they make me so happy💕