These tropical species are travelling to the north

By 2025, these mosquitoes may reach major cities like Paris, Chicago and Shanghai. 😰

11/04/2019 11:04


  • Charles J.
    05/10/2021 01:29


  • Anthony S.
    03/10/2021 01:52

    Vaccine are on the ...more business to come...

  • Carole D.
    01/10/2021 06:28

    we are doomed 🪦⚰️

  • Elizabeth S.
    01/10/2021 05:29

    Haven't you heard? Were protected...we wear masks. 😆 🤣

  • Kelvin L.
    30/06/2020 22:44

    When I spent 3 weeks in Thailand last November-December, I made sure that I wore long trousers and shirtsleeves, and used plenty of anti-mosquito stuff on my hands and face. Yet every morning, I'd find ANOTHER bite on my leg. Eventually, I did a thorough grid search of my hotel room, and tracked the little b***h down. One swift movement of my slipper later, and this particular mozzie's luck had finally run out. She wouldn't have known, of course, but she was already doomed, the moment she flew into my room. She'd have been better off staying outside, and feasting off a different tourist 😆

  • Harvey H.
    23/06/2020 15:41

    According to NASA satellite observations temperatures are not rising. So your claims and extrapolations are false. Try reading fewer newspapers and more scientific reports.

  • Joseph A.
    21/06/2020 13:12


  • Ch G.
    20/06/2020 16:52

    We are already facing them in Pakistan. European should also enjoy

  • Gema B.
    20/06/2020 16:51

    All we need to hear now....

  • Trey N.
    26/05/2019 16:35


  • Conchita W.
    26/05/2019 11:51

    The Tiger mosquito is already in Holland.....

  • Jim O.
    26/05/2019 07:30

    Bats. We need lots of bats.

  • Malta S.
    25/05/2019 23:40

    And now what. If you can't find the solution then we become the cause? What was the point of this video?

  • Kyle L.
    25/05/2019 21:05

    Meh, hopefully we can at least do some genetic genocide and find ways to kill off mosquitoes entirely, fuck them I dont care if they have any ecosystem benefits, if we can kill them off then we should. They only hurt humans and spread disease, maybe we can engineer a disease for them :D

  • Carole N.
    25/05/2019 20:35

    Doesn't scare me..............I lived in Alaska in the interior.

  • Ziad H.
    25/05/2019 20:29

    Let the planet clean itself ☺

  • Ayinla A.
    25/05/2019 20:20

    We live with them in Africa

  • Junior S.
    25/05/2019 19:13

    We already suffer their bites in Barcelona

  • Deby P.
    25/05/2019 18:30

    Die Tigermücke ist schon in Wien 😨

  • Djamel B.
    30/04/2019 21:33

    هادا نهار كامل ينكح فينا في واحد لبلاد 😒