How to protect against forest fires

In nature, fires can quickly get out of control. Here's how to prevent them.

15/08/2020 10:44


  • Louise L.
    20/06/2021 00:45

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    19/06/2021 20:21

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  • Christopher J.
    19/06/2021 09:36

    Oh but humans are making an effort to cut down as many trees as possible to make sure there is nothing left to burn. surely that will stop the fires?

  • B K.
    19/06/2021 06:17

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  • Nathanial's E.
    19/06/2021 04:53

    couldn't we just preemptively set up massive barrels of water that would burn and leak out the contents to help severe fires? or auto spill them with some device if it gets too hot? or maybe these aqua dams?

  • Brian M.
    18/06/2021 19:38

    Put ash trays back in cars so you won't throw them out the window might help. Lol

  • Gangadhar S.
    16/08/2020 21:08

    Prevention is better than cure, man is always self centred, his safety first, forest safety last, we have to change our mind set,.

  • Lynn M.
    15/08/2020 14:25

    i thought raking was the answer, maybe thats wrong

  • Ariel F.
    15/08/2020 10:54