Leaking nuclear waste dome in the Marshall Islands

This dome contains tons of radioactive waste — and it's starting to crack… Here's the threatening legacy of years of US nuclear testing.

Leaking nuclear waste?!

What’s happening to the Marshall Islands?

The Marshall Islands, an archipelago of the Pacific Ocean, were originally supervised by the United States from 1947 to 1986 along with the Marianas and the Carolines (excluding Guam). Since declaring itself a presidential republic with free association with the United States, the Marshall Islands have membership in the United Nations and the Pacific Community. However, the United States used this relationship to their advantage. Between 1946 and 1958, the Pentagon dropped 67 nuclear bombs, tested a dozen biological weapons and dumped tons of irradiated soil from Nevada on the archipelago.

The United States then gathered the most radioactive waste in this crater sealed with a dome. This crater, called the "Runit Dome,” is threatening to crack open because of global warming. Radioactive materials are already leaking out and the soil around the dome is highly contaminated. This so-called “tomb” is the legacy of American nuclear testing during the Cold War. Nowadays, the dome is at risk of collapsing under the pressure of rising sea levels. In fact, the Marshall Islands could be entirely submerged by the end of the century, all 70 square miles of them. With the 2018 census reporting a population of around 58,500 people, many homes and lives would be lost.

Too late to say sorry?

The American government maintains that responsibility for the dome now lies with the Marshall Islands. The Marshallese government contests this and is trying to obtain compensation for the health and environmental effects of the nuclear testing. Although the American Congress launched an inquiry into the risk that this dome represents in December 2019, to this day, the United States have never officially apologized to the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands currently have laws in place to protect the environment including a $10 thousand penalty fee for each day that the hazardous waste violation continues.


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  • Karen M.
    07/07/2020 18:49

    Worse is it gets in the water table

  • Flint G.
    22/03/2020 01:09

    Anyone involved should be shot in the face

  • Bob R.
    21/03/2020 23:19

    Liars all. Climate changes every day. No global warming. Oh wait what happened to global cooling?

  • Dohn S.
    21/03/2020 17:50

    And yet, disaster after disaster, doomsday after doomsday, extinction after extinction, we are still here. Because we are a stupid animal that in no way can understand what the earth is really up to. In the end the earth will be just fine. Maybe we won’t, but the earth will. Live your life. You’re only here for awhile.

  • Michael M.
    21/03/2020 17:14

    Ok Ellon and a waste managment sytem that works already....turn the waste into fuel!

  • Denny P.
    21/03/2020 16:56

    Same fuckers cry when we say Chinese Corona Virus. Soros is a maggot.

  • Kevin T.
    21/03/2020 13:00

    Radio activity has been spewing into the Pacific from Fukashima for 8 years now, what the fuck is anyone doing about that ?!

  • James M.
    21/03/2020 11:03

    There are people who lie so relentlessly that they should be banned from the Facebook forever. Brut is one of them.

  • Kevin W.
    20/03/2020 18:27

    Open it up as a tourist attraction. That's what Russia did with Chernobyl. No global warming over there. Remember, it wouldn't be safe for 15 million years. Let's start another fake panic.

  • Seth M.
    20/03/2020 16:25

    Greatest generation" may ass

  • Robert H.
    20/03/2020 15:37

    Also, meanwhile, about 100 foot or so beneath you is radioactive. And you seem to be doing just fine.

  • Robert H.
    20/03/2020 15:35

    We don’t owe them an apology either. We made an agreement with their leaders almost 70 years ago. Fuck you mean y’all don’t want it now. Lmao. Too bad it’s yours.

  • Bobby T.
    20/03/2020 15:18

    Mother fuckers. Im still waiting for the god damn water to rise. Can you slow down with the fear mongering?

  • Matt T.
    20/03/2020 15:03

    Lead and concrete cant contain radioactive waste forever there are supposed to be govt mandated maintenance visits though they never follow through it's the same in Chernobyl

  • Guillermo R.
    20/03/2020 04:04

    Yea global warming ,that's the problem 🤦‍♂️

  • Florencio W.
    20/03/2020 03:28

    El primer. Pais del mundo. Que huso. La guerra. . Bateriologica. Fue los estado. Unidos. Cuando. Las. ..Guerra's contra los indios. Para. No enfrentarse mas contra. Los indio. Le. Hiciero. Uns trampa al un gran jefe casique.. le. Regalaron. Una. Manta .que. estubo en comtacto. Con un as persona. Que. Tenia viruela. Y murio.. y hasy. Los indio. Fuero infestados. Y muriendo uno por. Ninios. Ansianos. Mujeres. Por. La cotaminacion de esta emfermedad. Esto es verdad. Esta en la historia depues. Enpezaro. Las reserbaciones. India.

  • Dave H.
    20/03/2020 02:41

    They warned us about this 10 years ago wait till you see what happens when this thing cracks all the way who's going to hide this one nuclear energy is not safe there's always a waste product one day we're going to pay for all of these nuclear reactors in the waste that they are burying in the ground remember Fukushima people forgot how about the one in Russia you still can't go anywhere near that place America will have their own nuclear disaster some day and it won't be the coronavirus you'll have to worry about

  • Jeremy W.
    19/03/2020 21:02

    I don't get why their dumbasses put shit like this by the ocean anyways

  • Carlos D.
    19/03/2020 16:39

    Los defensores de la libertad, protectores de mundo

  • Earl N.
    19/03/2020 16:23

    When I read most of the replies to a post like this, all I can do is shake my head in disbelief! God help us, eventually these will be the ones running the world, and they'll be wondering what happened!