Niue declared world's first 'Dark Sky nation'

As light pollution increases across the globe, a small Pacific island is making every effort to protect its starry nights. Welcome to Niue, the world's first 'Dark Sky Nation'. ⭐️

Dark sky nation

What is Niue?

The island of Niue is the smallest independent nation in the world, with 1,600 inhabitants. Originally a state of New Zealand, the island became recognized as a freely-associated state by the United Nations in 1994. While they are not a member of the United Nations, they are a member of the Pacific Community and similar conferences. The island is commonly referred to as “the Rock of Polynesia” as it has a very rocky terrain. Niueans hold democratic elections for their villages’ chairpeople and assemblyperson for the Parliament of Niue every three years. The island was working towards green growth and renewable energy with the European Union but Cyclone Heta in 2004 set the island back in its efforts by two years.

This small Pacific island is the first nation to be recognized as a "dark sky nation." This accreditation highlights the island's commitment to protect the celestial arch as well as the exceptional quality of its starry nights. This quality is due to several factors. Firstly, the island’s geographical location, far from continents and their light pollution. Then, the measures taken by the government to replace all street lighting with low-emission light bulbs. Finally, the importance of night skies in the history and culture of the Niuean people. This is the first time that an entire country's sky is protected. This status was given by the International Dark-Sky Association.

What is the International Dark-Sky Association

The International Dark-Sky Association was created in 1988 in the United States by two astronomers. This organization campaigns for the protection of the planet’s celestial arch against light pollution, which has harmful effects on plants and animals that depend on light cycles to live. Human health is also disrupted, particularly the hormonal system and sleep cycles. Today, 8 out of 10 people in the world live under a night sky polluted by artificial light.


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    Consider it a pleasant prize indeed for nieu to experience the beautiful skies with all it's natural splander,hope they maintain what thy hv been doing before and at current.Before this ,my family and me hv the previlige of visiting australia but forgotten which area whereby at night time the sky is so beautiful, that we watched it with awe because it's so clear that you can see the stars.So if that is the case for Australia,I can imagine for these nieu island to be much more beautiful because of it's small inhabitant ,where nature could be preserve and untouched by human destruction.

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    I remember watching sky ,like this in my childhood. No lights ,only fireflies.

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    I remember nights like this when I was quite young, and my dad and,I would be outside at night and he'd show me the constellations, and the milky way....we summered.deep in the mountains of the Adirondacks and our house was in the center of a clearing he'd made in the woods.... In the 1970's the area "grew up" disco blasted and destroyed the silence of night and the crickets song, neon lights invaded the velvet star studded night sky, and nothing could be seen. .. The serenity and sacredness of stillness and silence was forever destroyed.

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