The story of Melissa Lucio, the woman on death row in Texas

The first Hispanic woman on death row, Melissa Lucio stands accused of murdering her daughter. But as filmmaker Sabrina Van Tassel investigated the case, she found there was more to the story …

15/09/2021 16:58


  • Carol M.
    3 días

    In REALITY we all on Death row.....Yeah you to...The ones make them law ...For them people...I might go before you or the other way....We all got a Death sentence.....Soooooo WHO'S winning..

  • Ju J.
    4 días

    Nah but that lady innocent

  • Lou B.
    4 días

    I don’t want to believe her lies white people be on death row to

  • Mark P.
    5 días

    Great sentence for killing a 2 year old

  • David A.
    5 días

    She belongs their

  • Elias C.
    5 días

    I find it hard to believe that this is the first Hispanic woman on death row; because you can’t be on death row unless you’re “poor, black, Hispanic, or mentally disabled.” So which is it?

  • Brenda W.
    10/01/2022 10:28

    Color don't do crime People does the crime

  • Esther P.
    10/01/2022 04:49

    💩 she l👀ka lika 60

  • Sue B.
    09/01/2022 23:35

    Karla Faye Tucker was white

  • Tracy K.
    08/01/2022 22:59

    Sooo... she shouldn't be on DR bc she's Mexican? Hmmm... Definitely not racist.

  • Voynett P.
    08/01/2022 15:28

    Don't mess with Texas ..

  • Jacob L.
    08/01/2022 10:55

    By the sounds this lady didn't have a defence attorney at trial

  • Judith D.
    08/01/2022 09:59

    Stupid scenarios look up white poor on death row I know at least 6

  • Arun S.
    08/01/2022 06:18

    Her opening statement - Absolutely no proof. No substance! 100% garbage. She looked like an intelligent person though, until she opened her mouth!

  • Summer L.
    08/01/2022 00:54

    Dustin honken is white and was on death row!

  • Jami L.
    03/01/2022 16:41

    I don’t care if you are white black pink or blue male or female Spanish or not. You kill someone you belong on death row period stop blaming others and play the race card blame yourself ‼️

  • Esther K.
    03/01/2022 09:39


  • Esther K.
    03/01/2022 09:39

    what a lying statement .. poor, black, Hispanic, or mentally disabled? What a lying Piece of Crap!! the stupid lady can't do her homework before she made that statement. Full of crap!

  • Lynne W.
    01/01/2022 19:34

    Not true

  • Peggy W.
    01/01/2022 18:28

    Actually....dont forget the 2 youngest white female on DR.... Emilia Carr and Tiffany Cole... . I watched sort of a was a few more Caucasian ..I guess it depends on where u lookin at it from..