Parkland Dad On a Mission to Destroy the Gun Lobby

The recent suicides in Parkland are putting a spotlight on the trauma of gun violence. Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed in the school shooting, talks to Brut about survivor's guilt and his fight for gun safety.

24/04/2019 10:20actualizado: 24/04/2019 13:31


  • Kevin K.
    22/10/2021 15:21

    It's not a gun problem it's a sociatal and mental health heart problem. Very sorry for your loss.

  • Mike L.
    21/10/2021 19:06

    Not helping anything

  • Mel O.
    21/10/2021 00:09

    People can kill but gun loving murderers can kill more, faster, easier. If guns saved lives, why do we only hear about tens of thousands of murders and crimes committed by guns?

  • Brut
    20/10/2021 16:03

    The Parkland shooter just pleaded guilty to murder for the Marjorie Stoneman high school massacre:

  • Jeff M.
    17/02/2021 17:44

    more guns, teachers with guns. guns save lives

  • عدنان ر.
    16/02/2021 13:36

    All this elite Mafia In govt part of this gun mafia & it’s impossible to lock them up ! Your effort is very genuine & Noble , May GOD help you in that ! Sorry for your loss

  • Petey M.
    15/02/2021 14:55

    Dude, all you're doing is putting more guns in the hands of criminals. I am so sorry for your loss. It's gut wrenching. But , with your actions, as well meaning as they are, more parents are gonna have one less child come home. Redirect your efforts to supporting mental health programs in schools, anti bullying awareness and keeping criminals locked up and educating people about firearms and firearm safety.

  • Mike C.
    15/02/2021 06:58

    You know this wasn't a thing until Columbine,after that made those kids famous in a world that tolerates bullying it was bound to happen again,Schools should teach on compassion and understanding of people who are different and I'm not just talking the color of their skin, since that shooting their have been attempts at open shooters all have been foiled by armed police and teachers but you don't see that on the news because that's bad for the gun haters to have guns looked at in a good light but if it makes you feel better about your life to create a unstoppable shooter in the future go ahead and make a name for yourself.

  • Bryce P.
    15/02/2021 03:30

    Very sorry for your loss but your fighting a fight against the one thing that can protect the kids. A good guy with a gun. If the resource officers had done their job then this would have been less tragic or even not happen at all. If you take the gun the mentally unstable kid will just bring knives,machete, bomb, a car etc.

  • Marcel d.
    14/02/2021 22:39

    What a strong person. I would go crazy and don't know what i would do if that would be my daughter. Good luck with your quest

  • JJ L.
    14/02/2021 21:50


  • Monica D.
    14/02/2021 20:27

    I am so sorry for your loss may God be with you always doing these heartbreaking times 😭

  • Allan G.
    14/02/2021 19:32

    Until the crooks in Washington and across the country called politicians are done away with you will never get rid of guns! As we just saw there is no Justice so everyone believes the only Justice served is by the gun in their hand!

  • Scott M.
    14/02/2021 19:24

    While your child was tragically being killed, the armed school resource officer and 2 other responding officers, were on video hiding behind their cars outside. They didn’t even try to go in and stop it. Then the police chief gets on TV and says he’s proud of the officers. They did nothing wrong. It’s the old guns in my closet that are the real problem, he assured me. They also neglected to mention the school and the local police force disregarded and ignored the 30 plus calls and warnings, and tips, some from even the FBI, that this kid was about to blow. Complete and utter failure from local and state offices in this case that could have prevented the entire incident.