This woman is trading her way to a home

She began by trading a bobby pin for a pair of earrings with a stranger online. Now, millions are following this woman's journey as she trades item after item to reach one incredible goal.

06/06/2021 12:58


  • Meeth S.
    22/06/2021 15:05

    He did it first-

  • Niilesh M.
    21/06/2021 16:20

    Aisa kuch socho

  • Ayesha J.
    17/06/2021 20:08


  • Aasya C.
    17/06/2021 08:30

    It's already been done.. n she isn't the first!!! 😶😶😶😶

  • Surbhi K.
    17/06/2021 07:42

    real life Dwight

  • Jignesh N.
    16/06/2021 14:11

    - this is you

  • Sarah M.
    16/06/2021 05:03

    watch tillend

  • Meeth S.
    16/06/2021 02:42

    A guy already did this, he started with a paper clip and ended up with a house. I remember Nas Daily made a video on him.

  • Ess E.
    16/06/2021 01:07

    told you that day about her

  • Zulegha S.
    15/06/2021 21:49


  • Yachouou Y.
    15/06/2021 19:54

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  • Ashwini S.
    15/06/2021 19:54

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  • Abdoulkarim H.
    15/06/2021 19:51

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  • Moncef M.
    15/06/2021 16:52

    फ्री व्हील को खिसकाने से पहले जल्दी करें और आपको इसके लिए कोड और हीरे मिलेंगे free fire🎁💎🎁💎

  • Megha M.
    15/06/2021 13:26

    Barter system is back😂😂

  • Myra M.
    15/06/2021 09:02

    Good to see barter system is practiced in other countries as well.We in Fiji do this all the time..esp in this hard time.

  • देवशिस क.
    15/06/2021 08:45

    Bruh, money was created for the sole reason to deal with the consequences of goods exchange trade. We are evolving just backwards.

  • Varun D.
    15/06/2021 08:29

    Dwight would be proud.

  • Mohamed R.
    15/06/2021 07:53

    Amazon must be happy with the postage