Remembering Agnès Varda

A trailblazing feminist filmmaker who was central to French New Wave cinema: Everything you need to know about the late, great Agnès Varda.

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Lobster plastic

They've come up with a solution to the 8 billion tonnes of plastic plopped into our oceans every year, threatening global sealife. Drumroll: Turn the sealife into... plastic? 🦐🤔

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Extinction Rebellion protest in House of Commons

When activists stripped down and stormed the House of Commons to protest climate change, these MPs had a hard time focusing on the issue at hand: Brexit.

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She launched the biggest petition in UK history

Her petition to revoke Article 50 received more than 6 million signatures, making it the biggest to be put before UK Parliament. Here's our exclusive interview with the one-woman force behind it: Margaret Georgiadou.

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London schools taking action against pollution

Anti-pollution bags, blocked roads, plants... This is how London schools are tackling pollution.

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Freddie Highmore on being in the limelight

He became a star when he was just a child. Freddie Highmore explains how to manage being a celebrity while staying humble.

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Charlie Morley teaches lucid dreaming

This teacher of lucid dreaming explains how the technique can be used to treat PTSD and other mental illnesses.

3 times London's architecture was hostile

A recent scandal where developers of a south London apartment complex kept social housing kids from using the common play area made headlines. Although they decided to overturn their decision, it wasn't the first time London architecture was hostile...

Food waste? There's an app for that

"We throw away a third of all food produced." This company's application offers a solution to the issue, and promises bargains for its hungry users. 🤤

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Brexit: What's next?

Brexit is confusing. Here’s our explanation of what happens next, in under a minute.

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