The story of the NHS

Here's the incredible tale behind Britain's best loved institution- and the one most likely to keep you alive. 👩‍⚕️💓👨‍⚕️

02/07/2019 17:40updated: 02/07/2019 17:54
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  • Edward R.
    09/07/2019 16:33

    Electing a labour government after the second world war for bringing the NHS TO THE BRITISH PEOPLE 👍

  • Ellen J.
    7 days

    All of them, we were and can still again, be the best!

  • Agnieszka M.
    6 days

    "Standing alone against Adolf Hitler invasions in 1940 ..."...are joking , right 😵?

  • Victor K.
    6 days

    Correct your facts please

  • Peter B.
    5 days

    This is not about the NHS at all. It has been put here to influence people away from that Prat Hunt. By that Prat Johnson supporters.

  • Scott D.
    5 days

    We didn't stand alone. The Magna Carta never actually gave any power to the people. The Empire was a horrible and shameful institution.

  • Angela Y.
    5 days

    We didn't stand alone in 1940. The magna carta didn't serve the people. In the 19 th century the everyday person didnt have enough food to eat. If this is suppose to promote the NHS it's very poorly done.

  • Scott R.
    4 days

    British empire is greater achieve ever You cant beat British empire

  • Sean D.
    4 days

    I think you will find doctors were the biggest opponents of the NHS until they found out how much would be paid.

  • Philip C.
    4 days

    I'd contest the idea that the National Health Service was a Conservative brain-child. There may have been people within the party who supported the idea, but the Tories were very much for private health insurance and voted down the creation of the NHS several times after war. The Beveridge report of 1942 had identified the need for a welfare state and it wasn't until a landslide victory for a socialist Labour party, which had wanted a national cooperative for health for some time, that it was forced through.

  • Giuseppe B.
    4 days

    You weren't standing alone against Hitler. You had your great empire. Granted most of it was already taken away from you by the Japanese. But you had the Canadians. Australians.New Zealand. South African. Pakistan.India. Or was it the city of London's Empire. And they just use the British Army to do their dirty work.

  • Tony R.
    3 days

    Now people not entitled to NHS are coming from overseas for free treatment , and British taxpayers have to pay for their treatment , this is WRONG

  • Alan-josie W.
    3 days


  • Norman H.
    3 days

    Shame we are selling off at such a discount price.

  • Terry G.
    2 days

    Freeing Europe, Now they insult us 😡

  • Richard S.
    2 days

    It was a Tory idea and was being pushed through parliament during the war years. Doesn’t matter who was in power at the time it came into being, Labour, Tory or even Liberal party it still would have been born.

  • Donna G.
    2 days


  • Henry S.
    2 days

    What the NHS has achieved is a testimony to a civilised outlook in Great Britain. If the next British Prime Minister, whether that be the imbecile or the moron, does obeisance to the fascist American President by sacrificing our health service for a 'trade deal' it will be to our national shame.

  • Avril M.
    2 days

    The NHS. ShaMe the conservatives are selling it off.