3 migration myths in the UK, debunked

"Migrants take the jobs of UK natives", "migrants are abusing the welfare system"... Here are 3 migration myths in the UK, debunked. 🤔

20/12/2018 17:45
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  • Mark D.
    01/01/2019 02:44

    If only it was that simple you moronic twats.

  • Dmitry D.
    31/12/2018 09:29

    Britain first! Make Britain great again!

  • Seamus S.
    30/12/2018 08:28

    People abusing welfare system are the locals in the UK. Let's deal with the real issue which politicians won't go near because they need to get re-elected. Solution get rid of the welfare system see who it hurts the most locals or migrants. Furthermore UK welfare system is not the best in Europe. Deal with the elephant in the room first before blaming others

  • Patryk W.
    29/12/2018 13:10

    - migrants From Asia africa and south America - something what is not destroy ing eu Choose one

  • Marco B.
    29/12/2018 10:41

    for 6 winters I came to work in London. In summer I was working in Tuscany Italy...saving about 6 thousand pounds, and in Winter I was coming to work in London spending the whole summer saving. Pluss I have nevere required my taxes back . Basically in 6 years in London I left about 60 thousands pounds. My London friends were coming in vacation in my italian flat. Now finito more all ended. So sad.

  • Jldsh J.
    28/12/2018 09:32

    England Will be poor if theres no emigrantes there like any other countrie

  • Lamin T.
    28/12/2018 06:22

    Remember that the UK is feeding it's people from the they've stolen from foreign countries

  • Linda W.
    27/12/2018 11:56

    B S all of it

  • Drazen M.
    27/12/2018 11:06

    this must be that vile STAY propaganda at work again! :D

  • Alok D.
    26/12/2018 22:55

    But most of the Indian companies have set up their plants in the UK and the English are working in them. For example: Laursen Turbo, TATA, Infosys.... Indian banks are there, so they are getting jobs in the UK. If you qualify yourself in the exam, you will get the job. 59 million is the population of the UK. In India, 1.34 billion people live, but we do not whinge publicly. In the US, the most of the IT companies of India have their offices, and people who are working, are Americans.

  • Cosie R.
    26/12/2018 13:20

    They took some doctor s job a brit can't do 😁😁😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aidan G.
    26/12/2018 10:58

    Rubbish immigrants just look for welfare and a free house then abuse the people who give the it

  • Александър М.
    25/12/2018 21:59

    Anyone buying this crap?

  • Jon F.
    25/12/2018 10:32

    Raped and murdered children and their families don’t care about if they have a job or not.

  • Vlada J.
    24/12/2018 21:48

    Why main stream media are always pro migrant,what people in West Europe will get from this,is it all about work power

  • Mark D.
    24/12/2018 15:58

    The problems associated with Migration in large numbers might be just a little more complexed than that ! Still, this pacifys most I guess.

  • Harris O.
    23/12/2018 22:53

    The money you stole from the same people you are complaining about. I think you red people that claim being the British re stupid. Nonsense

  • Кристиан С.
    23/12/2018 21:25

    You are right, they dont steal your jobs 'cous they dont work to begin with xD

  • Joseph L.
    23/12/2018 08:32

    Sad that so many people believed the lies that they dragged us into this huge mess.

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