China: These humans are doing the work of bees

Pollinating plants by hand. That's the method used in China's Sichuan province because of the decline of bee populations.

25/06/2019 15:17updated: 25/06/2019 15:32
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  • Boris T.
    25/06/2019 15:28

    When you have more people than bees.

  • Elizabeth M.
    25/06/2019 15:53

    I watched a documentary about hand pollination in China more than 10 years ago. This is not new. It's getting worse, though.

  • Pong P.
    25/06/2019 15:53

    . Unbelievable eh. 😳

  • Ashish W.
    25/06/2019 15:56

    Start of apocalypse 😑

  • Andrea A.
    25/06/2019 16:09

    this is what I was talking about the other day

  • David A.
    25/06/2019 16:57

    Bees can't survive without sunlight and fresh air

  • Marion S.
    25/06/2019 17:40

    Like in the novel The History Of Bees 😳

  • Renee S.
    25/06/2019 18:21

    Wow. The Earth is dying. So difficult to wrap my brain around it.

  • Nancy M.
    25/06/2019 18:25

    Not because of "intensive agriculture"! P E S T I C I D E S !

  • Nancy M.
    25/06/2019 18:25

    Kills bees and makes people sick

  • Margaret C.
    25/06/2019 21:09

    Of course pesticides kill "bad" insects and unfortunately pollinators as well., however the situation is made even worse by intensive agriculture because it destroys the pollinators habitat. For example bumblebees build nests underground, often in the shade of a a hedge. Eliminate the hedge to make a large field and the bees have nowhere to go.

  • Karen D.
    25/06/2019 21:26

    This is mad!

  • Zacarias D.
    25/06/2019 23:10


  • Ashley N.
    26/06/2019 02:38

    Just like in "The History of Bees". Drudgery to read... but still sad and scary and apparently prophetic.

  • Kerry S.
    26/06/2019 03:35


  • Grishma P.
    26/06/2019 03:56

    Very sad state of affairs

  • Daniella M.
    26/06/2019 04:56

    remember when I read that sci fi novel about people in China pollinating trees by hand because all the bees died? Maybe it was non fiction after all 🤔😭

  • Vevey Z.
    26/06/2019 09:55

    We have a big bee in the philippines and it owns a fast food chain.

  • Carmen R.
    26/06/2019 12:55

    future career

  • Roger R.
    26/06/2019 14:58

    If that is the future in agriculture we are fucked, remember this words. This "method" is nothing to be proud, actually is a shame.