Greta confronts UK leaders with the truth

"The UK's active current support of new exploitations of fossil fuels.. is beyond absurd." 16 year old Greta Thunberg held this room full of UK politicians to account for all their failed promises over climate action. 💪🌎

24/04/2019 16:31updated: 24/04/2019 20:04
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  • Donald B.
    28/10/2019 00:15

    Wth does a 16 year old know about anything, and she don’t even look 12

  • Diana S.
    09/06/2019 10:49

    Well done! Come and speak to our Government and Opposition Party here in Australia as well Greta.

  • Neil M.
    02/06/2019 14:58

    Emotion trumps Science ?

  • Mary-ann T.
    31/05/2019 00:48

    You go girl ! NEVER give up !,

  • Marcus D.
    24/05/2019 15:45

    Living in northern scotland I'd like to try a wee bit of global warming

  • Iain M.
    24/05/2019 09:56

    Here today, gone tomorrow

  • Stu M.
    21/05/2019 21:16


  • Iain B.
    16/05/2019 19:21

    Get back to school!!

  • Roxanne H.
    15/05/2019 20:46

    If anyone believes this child wrote these words they are bigger suckers than she is. Does she even know what fracking means. Some socialist with an agenda is using her and it is shameful. The words "So a few people could make unimaginable amounts of money" gives it all away. There is a he'll of a lot more involved in the fossil fuel industry, like keeping people from freezing to death, starving to death and allowing millions to make a good living. It sickens me that zealots would use a child like this.

  • Reid I.
    15/05/2019 13:09

    The brainwashing is real.

  • Andy S.
    15/05/2019 13:00

    Isnt that the luny who claims she can see co2?

  • Rob B.
    15/05/2019 12:46

    She actually speaks pretty well for having Downs

  • Craig H.
    15/05/2019 12:06

    Go away now little girl? Find some real parents?

  • Craig H.
    15/05/2019 12:01

    The problem lies with putting these self indulgent, smug little twats in this regard? Wtf does she really know some recycled garbage ideology handed down from her lefty parents who for god knows would present as meerkats?! Do you think these opinions are formed from experience?! BAA. BAA

  • Olly F.
    15/05/2019 11:40

    Oh fuck off get a job or boyfriend..

  • Syd E.
    15/05/2019 11:14

    I believe like a lot of others that this global warming/climate change is about wealth redistribution. Australia is indebted to the World Bank for hundreds of millions of dollars. Also China is buying up the large farming properties in Australia. What is the likely scenario that the World Bank will ask Australia to pay back the money? Australia cannot pay it back and maybe would have to give up the country to cover the debt! Can't happen! In February in Africa the country of Zambia handed the 'keys' to the country to China because they couldn't repay money lent by China. China and Russia are moving into Venezuela. We must not give any more money to UN. Let us put a stop to this ridiculous myth of climate change.

  • Burkhart B.
    15/05/2019 10:22


  • Kevin R.
    15/05/2019 10:13

    One brainwashed little girl. teachers should be charged with child abuse!

  • Dimi U.
    15/05/2019 09:55

    Can anyone get her some hello kitty toys? Maybe then someone will take her serious

  • Jean K.
    15/05/2019 09:50