Greta confronts UK leaders with the truth

"The UK's active current support of new exploitations of fossil fuels.. is beyond absurd." 16 year old Greta Thunberg held this room full of UK politicians to account for all their failed promises over climate action. 💪🌎

24/04/2019 16:31updated: 24/04/2019 20:04
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  • Altea B.
    24/04/2019 20:29

    panicking rn

  • Melissa A.
    24/04/2019 20:57

    It's really not too much to ask. She is absolutely right and we should take this seriously.

  • Gerard B.
    25/04/2019 08:33

    She is programmed by experts

  • Ginny M.
    25/04/2019 12:51

    Indoctrinated children will be running this world in just a few short years........little hope for any of our futures....

  • Keith Barnes
    15/05/2019 08:58

    It is serious though. How many "once in a decade" or "once in a century" hurricanes must we get hit with before we realise something is happening? Something is speeding up. Climate change is a naturally recurring event on Earth but it's speed puts in danger life's ability to adapt.