How this atoll in the Philippines regained its biodiversity

It was once nearly dead, now it's one the world’s most biodiverse reefs and a World Heritage Site. Here is why Tubbataha Reefs is considered an environmental protection success.

17/08/2019 06:09
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    Philippines have a lot to learn that dynamite fishing is the number one cause of loss marine habitat for small fishes and destruction of coral reefs and other plantum and dynamite accidents to people who used dynamites or any other illegal way of fishing. . Dynamite fishing is so much popular even small fishes end up in dinner table. second one lack of fishing regulations. Those were the days today preservation and conservation of marine habitat and coral reef is implemented Tubataha Coral Reefs is one of the most diverse and marine life in the Southern region of the Philippines it was declared by UNESCO has heritage and protected sites. Its nice when we have a marine sanctuary where all is preserve to grow with nature so our next generations will able to see the beauty beneath the sea.

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