• Nina B.
    15/07/2019 20:24


  • Jamaal A.
    15/07/2019 17:51

    when Wenger speaks I listen.

  • Sahib S.
    15/07/2019 12:02

    success tips from Wenger?! hahahahahaahaha

  • Don L.
    15/07/2019 09:53

    Thanks for fucking up my football club Arsene. You should have hang in your boots many years ago, when you knew you couldn't cut it. God knows how many years it will take Arsenal get back to the level it should be.

  • Tony G.
    15/07/2019 08:52

    I think the last time I saw Brut was the last time Arsenal won the title, so they're a great combination.

  • Ashley S.
    15/07/2019 08:28

    Say what you want about this man but he’s a great manager even as a United fan he’s up there with SAF

  • Jake G.
    15/07/2019 07:17

    this is the tips you need for an invincible season

  • Kim W.
    15/07/2019 06:42

    , , , , ,

  • Jack L.
    15/07/2019 06:19

    With all due respect, he’s prolly the last person you’d interview on the topic of “a winning mentality”.

  • Anthony D.
    15/07/2019 05:54

    Look how great he looks, all the stress of arsenal gone. Looks fantastic

  • Abdo O.
    15/07/2019 01:05

    No wonder he was always passive after losing. The last 12 years or so he hardly won anything and was still positive lol

  • Dylan G.
    14/07/2019 20:56

    , life advice from a true king

  • Chandiwana M.
    14/07/2019 20:42


  • Gerard F.
    14/07/2019 20:40

    He was better of speaking French at team talks bcos no one spoke english considering there was no english IN the team. Might of won the la ligue HA HA

  • Kevin G.
    14/07/2019 19:35

    probably tried to sign him.......

  • William C.
    14/07/2019 18:53

    Ça c'est très utile 😁

  • Frankie '.
    14/07/2019 18:14

    Does He?

  • Carl S.
    14/07/2019 13:55

    5 tips for a winning mentality sign the right players and don’t sell the best ones you have.Now repeat that 5 times.

  • Anthony M.
    14/07/2019 11:08

    You would think he would promote INVINCIBLE cologne by Geparlys......😂😃😂😃

  • Spencer D.
    14/07/2019 08:36


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