• Michelle K.
    15 hours

    Thank you for sharing your video with all of us. Animal cruelty is horrible, period.

  • Cynthia W.
    17 hours

    Stop it!!!!!!’

  • Sincity R.
    19 hours

    “More importantly you can hurt the animals” F*ck those animals 😂

  • Alessio A.
    20 hours


  • Theresa F.
    a day

    It needs water fools

  • RS Z.
    a day


  • Carol C.
    2 days

    Thank u for helping to explain this to ppl.... it is frustrating for ppl to have no knowledge with marine animals e.g. dolphins is always happy and smiling... sigh...

  • Kallen B.
    2 days

    Social media has made morons of us all.

  • Bill C.
    2 days


  • Janet F.
    2 days

    Poor ray is dying and this idiot taking the video thinks he's the funniest guy on earth!! What a moron!!

  • Rubi U.
    2 days

    https://youtube.com/shorts/eLFb_JL39n0?feature=share New channel please subscribe

  • Amir M.
    2 days

    Selamber giler potong gigi haiwan tu

  • Abishek G.
    2 days

    People being angry & chatting for tickling the sting ray with beef eating, chicken wings munching mouth🤣.

  • Tyra A.
    2 days

    Wow I was taught that it’s called personification… (it is) BUT .. anthropomorphism sim is a better term to use, I’ve never heard it until now ..!

  • Sam J.
    2 days

    People can be cruel

  • Linnéa M.
    2 days

    hahahah toi eka

  • Satyaki R.
    2 days

    https://anchor.fm/saty-i-month/episodes/Laal-bindu-2-e1avv72 Watch this

  • Christopher W.
    3 days

    I'm still stuck on and I quote "this Ray is supposed to be drinking water and now it is up in the air, and somebody is forcing it to open its mouth and let out all the water that it needs, and instead replacing that with air".... ... ... Hahahaha you absolute loonie! What on earth do you think fish breathe? H2O? Fish will suck in water and pass them over the Gills which extract OXYGEN from said water. Yeah they don't breathe the same way, but they need oxygen the same pal. Please do your research before posting up videos like this as you are not helping the cause for gullible people out there who believe anything. And it makes you look a bit of a tit to millions of viewers.

  • Lanora E.
    3 days

    Just stop that's not cute or funny

  • William W.
    3 days

    Omg y'all are idiots. I doubt the stingray is in pain. Gtfo.

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