1. Interview with Sting: how we can solve the environmental crises

  2. The world's largest land-dwelling arthropod

  3. What's going on inside a recycling center

  4. 6 breathtaking spots to pitch your tent

  5. All these animals are threatened by humans

  6. How to use less water

  7. Interview Fabrice, a homeless man who finds comfort in his dogs

  8. Meet the most sophisticated octopus in the world

  9. The Malerweg: one of Germany's most scenic hiking trails

  10. What is lightning?

  11. Why flamingos are pink

  12. How cacti survive in the desert

  13. Wave Rock is one of Australia's must-see features

  14. In southwestern Morocco, goats climb trees to eat

  15. She believes we can help thge Earth through "symbiotic economy"

  16. The aye aye is on the brink of extinction

  17. How would the Earth look like if all the ice melted?

  18. The Kilauea volcano is only one of 169 active volcanoes in the USA

  19. A rainbow-colored octopus spotted off the Philippine coast

  20. This is what happens to used contact lenses

  21. The extraordinary Salt Pans of Maras

  22. 3 remarkable animals you can find in Australia

  23. General Sherman: the largest living organism in the world

  24. How ants carry heavy loads

  25. The Horsetail fall attracts thousands of visitors each year

  26. 3 amazing landscapes in the western United States

  27. Sun dogs: a wintertime phenomenon in the sky

  28. World agriculture is polluting our planet

  29. This is how parasitism in plants and insects works

  30. San Francisco, model sustainable city

  31. Rainbow-colored mountains in China, a unique geological phenomena

  32. Discover the biggest flower on Earth

  33. The baobab fruit is slowly reaching Western markets

  34. Veterinary bus saves stray animals in Istanbul

  35. 5 species to go extinct since 2000

  36. The training of police dogs

  37. Fast fashion and its environmental impact

  38. Parrotfish are among the ocean's most colorful

  39. 3 curiosities you can see in Mexico

  40. The serval is the second-fastest cat after the cheetah

  41. The jackfruit can replace meat

  42. How is the common Suriname toad born?

  43. The titan arum has the world's tallest inflorescence

  44. How dogs saved a whole village from a lethal disease

  45. In China, this remote village is covered in vegetation

  46. This center in Belarus protects bats from the cold

  47. What is crown shyness?

  48. The life of American icon Rin Tin Tin

  49. This bird went extinct and came back to life thousands of years after

  50. Australia: 3 incredible landscapes

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