“I had an abortion because ...”

“Because I was assaulted.” “Because I was too young to have a baby.” “Because I wanted to.” They all chose to have an abortion and fight for everyone’s right to do the same. Here’s why ...

19/10/2021 12:33


  • Paramita S.
    01/11/2021 08:13

    Having a child is the greatest responsibility, it will take all of ones time, attention, physical help, love, care, security and so much more. A child deserves a lot. So if someone is unwilling or unable to provide for a child then she should not have it. But I also believe that prevention is better, but ultimately a woman should have the right to take their own decisions.

  • Ronald A.
    27/10/2021 08:29

    I feel sorry for these ladies but if its - 1. Innocent 2. Human 3. Living being, then you and I have no right to purposefully and intentionally take that life, no matter the circumstances. Its not just a 'woman's body' anymore when there is another body in it who has his/her own rights to life.

  • Sumaria A.
    27/10/2021 08:24

    Painful 😞

  • Afran S.
    27/10/2021 07:14

    Abortion is a murder , as if they got pregnant miraculously. They have a conscious relationship and when they get pregnant they say they aren't ready for it if this is okay then killing of his or her child , parents is right because they are not ready for it and because they have a weak financial status

  • Durga P.
    26/10/2021 08:52

    This is bad 😡😡. Where is the world going??? This is cruel murder. Make sure to use precautions if someone is not ready to be a mother. Of course, it is their choice at the end. But it is cruel murder nonetheless unless someone's health is at risk. I believe those innocent babies need protection against this world filled with such teachings 😔

  • Mujahid H.
    26/10/2021 06:01

    & why you didn't used the protection, or you were drunk or something else... If it's your body your uterus then why the baby dies,,, Lame arguments 😒

  • Sheheryar A.
    26/10/2021 03:22

    Not ready to have a baby but ready to have pre-marital sex

  • Jamalrahman J.
    26/10/2021 02:38

    Are you human or animal....I think worst then that....your brain not functioning....

  • Victoria N.
    25/10/2021 22:32

    They are not making any sense at all!

  • Hina H.
    25/10/2021 22:09

    How selfish are they! Just because you are not ready, you can't justify killing innocent!!

  • Narayan D.
    24/10/2021 18:58

    All the people who wants abortion have been already born.

  • Gaikulung C.
    24/10/2021 16:05

    If u don't feel ready... Don't go fucking.... Or the least use protection. These crazy feminists! What conscience do u have?? Just taking life is so normal n here preaching bullshit! And if somebody rape u... Wat are u waiting for??? Take medication for godsake!! Let the law take cre of the rest!! Pathetic!

  • Elina T.
    24/10/2021 15:45

    So it's your body. They make own decisions 🤷‍♀️.

  • Sierra E.
    24/10/2021 11:23

    Barring few exceptional cases, you cannt snatch someone's right to life cause you weren't taking enough precautions. Humans are the ugliest of all animals. Killing their own children

  • Karunyapriya M.
    24/10/2021 10:35

    "my value and my worth as a person was reduced down to my uterus and what was in it" said by someone who treated a human life and its body as an unwanted material to be destroyed and removed for the sake of convenience 🤨

  • Iyswarya L.
    24/10/2021 10:17

    It's your body, it's your uterus.. I don't think an explanation is needed..

  • Vibhor S.
    24/10/2021 09:39

    Its not at all empowering for women! Practice safe sex. Women having abortion just coz they were not ready to have a baby is just plain killing of an innocent. Point is, you killed a baby out of pleasure you had while practising unsafe sex.

  • Fred K.
    24/10/2021 09:05

    Advertising for abortion???????

  • Er B.
    24/10/2021 08:24

    Abortion is completely a women's right but if you are mentally not ready why conceive all advertisements to use a condom don't you see that. You have contraceptive pills why wait till you get pregnant. Some i heard marriage or relationship is ending then how come you are pregnant with his child. What kind of strained relationship it is

  • Nimmi T.
    24/10/2021 07:08

    No amount of excuses you come up with can justify the killing of a child in its womb

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