3 times the British Museum didn’t return looted artefacts

“The marbles belong to the British Museum.” Not once, not twice but more than thrice. That’s how many times the British Museum has refused to return looted artefacts. 🗿

22/11/2018 15:01
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  • Juan J.
    22/11/2018 16:59

    Sure, let me borrow them. Once borrowed. . .........sikes!!!! Got em !!!

  • Rubin A.
    22/11/2018 18:31


  • Violet U.
    22/11/2018 21:45

    This is stealing from the whole world they should be returned to the rightful owners not borrowing the countries that owns them this shows how the oppression going on in the world

  • Toni D.
    22/11/2018 23:06


  • Priya G.
    23/11/2018 00:04

    Our "KOHINOOR DIAMOND"still shines in their queen's crown

  • Tambo X.
    23/11/2018 00:23

    They have a whole facade of building in Athens. And how about the Huge Egyptian Artefacts and columns

  • Sean R.
    23/11/2018 00:53

    Tanzina Islam

  • Ben H.
    23/11/2018 02:39

    not being funny but if you're that much of a melt that you let your 8ft 4 ton statue gets stolen, you don't deserve it back.

  • Kira B.
    23/11/2018 08:41

    They have no excuse!! They stole them- now give them back. The museum should have these artifacts loaned to them from the countries of origin. I would agree to the loan and then never give them back- snooze ya lose mofos! I'm sure the law in the particular country could swing something. Like when a hostage is returned to its country without the kidnappers permission.

  • Alexis L.
    23/11/2018 09:48

    Come and steal them back if you think your hard enough.

  • David W.
    23/11/2018 11:30

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 💪🏼😂🖕🏼

  • Thomas B.
    23/11/2018 15:40

    Imagine our museums if we didn't go looting.. "Come on everybody look at this exhibit for.. Squirrels"

  • Ellie C.
    23/11/2018 16:59

    never loan anything to the BM lol

  • Darren M.
    23/11/2018 18:30

    Them tramps looted the world and indigenous people of wealth and there languages

  • Paul J.
    23/11/2018 19:29

    Nothing illegal about the way in which Lord Elgin saved the Parthenon Sculptures from acute ongoing destruction. The mauling had started when the Greek church smashed up a large number of the ancient temple’s carvings in the fifth century. The Venetians then blew up chunks of the building in 1687. And in the 1800s, when Lord Elgin arrived in Athens, the occupying Ottomans were grinding the sculptures up for limestone and using them for artillery target practice. Elgin had intended to commission casts and paintings of the sculptures, but when he saw firsthand the ongoing damage (about 40% of the original sculptures had been pulverised), he acquired an export permit from the Ottoman authorities in Athens, and brought as many as he could back to safety in Britain. It was a personal disaster which bankrupted him, but it has meant that, since 1816, the British Museum has been able to share with its visitors some of the best-preserved Parthenon Sculptures in the world.

  • Nathan D.
    23/11/2018 19:59

    Finders keepers losers beg and cry haha

  • Sarah L.
    23/11/2018 22:52

    cultural siphoning at its finest🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Chris W.
    23/11/2018 23:52

    Classic British taking things that doesn’t belong to them

  • James C.
    24/11/2018 03:14

    Foreigners think we looted their artefacts and displayed them in our museums to represent their history, when in actuality they're displayed to represent the proud British tradition of assuming that everything is ours unless it has a foreign flag bolted to it. It's our culture, you can't have it back.

  • Jim O.
    24/11/2018 08:18

    What would you expect from the UK? The biggest terrorists in history