The New Union Flag represents UK diversity

"An ever-changing flag to represent the ever-changing nation." At a time of national division, this is how one artist says we should celebrate our difference. 🇬🇧

21/09/2018 18:43
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  • Anoif I.
    31/01/2019 22:07

    It's beautiful.

  • Angela W.
    23/12/2018 19:41

    So my flag was only visible for 3 seconds. Does the So called artist not know that the Union flag is already multi cultural? That it’s already made from other flags the ones of the British isles

  • Jason G.
    24/09/2018 14:16

    A complete" its multi cultural bollox paisley bollox.desperate we are hip we are cool " .absolute bollox

  • Brut UK
    24/09/2018 13:59

    For more, check out

  • Patricia M.
    24/09/2018 12:58

    Get stuffed. The Union flag is IT

  • Dean S.
    24/09/2018 11:29

    So a foreigner wants to change r flag

  • Dave W.
    24/09/2018 09:42

    And you know where you can stick your idea for our union Jack..

  • Connor W.
    24/09/2018 08:39

    Well this is the worst thing I've seen in a while. The flag represents the country's in the United Kingdom not other cultures and people

  • Dean S.
    24/09/2018 05:26

    Shut the f up. Do not change the flag.

  • Tahlia G.
    24/09/2018 01:07

    Mediocre idea with a crappy design 🤷🏼‍♀

  • Joe L.
    24/09/2018 00:12

    We’ve had it for years

  • Cindy D.
    23/09/2018 23:21

    Leave our flag alone -for God's sake.

  • Luke J.
    23/09/2018 21:25

    Brilliant idea the union jack as always been a symbol of unity and togetherness so why not let it show unity of all people

  • Sophie W.
    23/09/2018 18:11

    This is stupid! Soon there will be all countries flags on ours because we’re diverse😡 this is the United Kingdom.. leave the flag alone

  • Christina T.
    23/09/2018 18:00

    Omg ffs!

  • Jake L.
    23/09/2018 17:48

    is popping up everywhere these days.

  • Mick E.
    23/09/2018 17:43

    Join our community means join our flag simples

  • Bobo R.
    23/09/2018 15:03

    It’s such a good idea

  • Wesley P.
    23/09/2018 13:32


  • Ian T.
    23/09/2018 13:30

    Get fxcked leave the flag alone