The plight of female asylum seekers in the UK

These vulnerable women fled war, slavery and mutilation to seek asylum in the UK. Instead they say they were locked up and abused, without knowing when they would be allowed to leave.

03/08/2018 17:01
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  • Khalifa I.
    05/08/2018 22:00

    Respecting is very nice between of all of people But no one is need to respect each other that why people get fight ! There’s not reason any one have to respect his way people have to I trust and in true without liying

  • Lynda C.
    05/08/2018 18:37

    The answer is don't come over here.

  • Elif M.
    05/08/2018 14:39

    No one has the right to violate another human! Doesn’t matter who they are! No one is superior! There is truly something wrong with this world!!!!!

  • Lu H.
    05/08/2018 13:42

    How terribly sad 😔

  • ONè C.
    05/08/2018 08:30

    Come illegal...this is just the begin

  • Ross M.
    05/08/2018 06:24

    They say ‘she has nice bobs and vagene’ 😂😂lard

  • Phillip C.
    04/08/2018 22:35

    Just don't let them in

  • Alan L.
    04/08/2018 19:33

    Send them back we have pr0blems of our owne

  • Terry H.
    04/08/2018 18:26

    Lots of young girls and children suffered abuse in Rotherham and lots of other places at the hands of Pakistani Moslem men,all swept under the carpet for years,let’s get justice for them

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