Doctor Provides Abortions By Mail

"The only thing that restricting abortion does is make it dangerous for women to have one." In the face of new abortion bans, this doctor is providing abortion care by mail.

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Lizzo Wants You to Love Your Body

"It's just accepting yourself, it's not rocket science." Lizzo spoke to Brut about being a role model for body positivity and self-love. 🙌

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Expedition to the heart of an active volcano

Would you go up to a lake of lava to take a sample from it? Well, Youtuber ExperimentBoy just did. This is the expedition that he took part in. 🔥

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These 3 spiders are amazing

Some have incredible dance moves, others can live underwater using an air bubble. Spiders may be scarry to some, but these 3 are amazing too.

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Anthony Bourdain — Beloved Celebrity Chef and Storyteller

On the anniversary of his death, we look back at how Anthony Bourdain brought people together through travel, storytelling, and of course, food.

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What life looks like for some chickens raised in farms

Tens of thousands of chickens confined in windowless sheds, some seem unable to move due to their weight, others appear to be dying. Here is the latest footage released by the French animal defense organization L214 Ethique et Animaux and filmed at 2 French farms.

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Removing Tattoos to Help Abuse Victims Heal

"I was in an extremely high-violent marriage for five years." This survivor had the name of her abusive ex-husband tattooed on her neck — and she's finally getting it removed thanks to a nonprofit at no cost.

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These French students are bringing nature to their campus

These French students have decided to boost biodiversity on campus. With that in mind, they've started building insect hotels, birdhouses and planters. They even set up houses for bats. Brut Nature had a closer look at this project called Unis Vert Cité.

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Could "smokers" be the origin of life on Earth?

In the ocean's deepest depths, strange "chimneys" are at the core of an extraordinary ecosystem. They could even be the origin of life on Earth.

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Trump and Macron: Bros or Adversaries?

From kisses to disses, here's proof that President Trump and French President Macron's bromance isn't always smooth sailing. 🇺🇸🇫🇷

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