5 Ways Politicians Clash With Journalists

World leaders could simply answer direct questions — but they’ve been known to treat journalists like this. 😮

Fighting to End Child Marriage

Child marriage is still legal in 48 states. The ongoing fight to change this for good is personal for the founder of Unchained At Last.

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Neapolitan Pizza Recognized by UNESCO

Sushi. French fries. Bananas? Pizza toppings have been pushed to the limit — but UNESCO recognized this style of pizza as part of humanity’s intangible heritage. 🍕🏅

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Operation Thunderball: Thousands of wild animals seized

A tiger cub in a pick-up van in Mexico, a lesser flamingo in a pet store in India... Thousands of wild animals were seized during Operation Thunderball, a large-scale smuggling crackdown.

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President Trump’s Racist Comments

Why is President Trump called a racist? Does it have anything to do with all these racist things he's said?

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Franky Zapata Flies Over Bastille Day Crowds

That's not the Green Goblin — it's inventor Franky Zapata on his Flyboard at Paris' Bastille Day celebration.

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Severn Cullis-Suzuki's Speech at the Rio Summit in 1992

She was the Greta Thunberg of her time — and child climate activist Severn Cullis-Suzuki's 1992 Rio Summit speech is still relevant today.

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Beloved by Instagrammers, this lake is full of toxic waste

This popular spot for Instagram influencers, located in Siberia near the city of Novosibirsk, looks like paradise — but it’s actually a man-made chemical waste site for a nearby power plant. 😱

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The Life of Novak Djokovic

Growing up, Novak Djokovic was accustomed to bombings in war-torn Serbia. Now, he's the #1 tennis player in the world. 🎾🇷🇸

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