France's Colorado, the largest deposits of ochre in the world


Infinite shades of yellow, orange and red glowing under the bright summer sun. Welcome to Colorado Provencal in France. 🇫🇷

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TikTok under fire by national governments


Donald Trump isn't the only world leader threatening to ban TikTok. Here's a look at controversy surrounding the social media app in other countries.

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China's panda diplomacy, explained


They're cute, they're cuddly ... and they're a source of China's soft power. Here's how panda diplomacy works.

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The Life of Ellen DeGeneres


She's an LGBTQ pioneer and a TV icon. This is Ellen DeGeneres's story — from personal childhood trauma to receiving one of the nation’s highest honors.

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New Gun Control Measures Around the World


For these countries it only took one mass shooting to enact real common sense gun reform — but not the United States.

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How forests regenerate after a fire


Fires are raging throughout the world, destroying millions of hectares of forests...But what happens after? This is how the ecosystem regenerates after a fire. 🌱

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How Uighur forced labor is feeding the clothing industry


Gap, Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch... Major clothing brands are under fire for using cotton produced by Uighurs in forced labor camps in China.

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In the United States, the seascape of Cape Perpetua


On the Oregon coast, the meeting of land and sea give rise to spectacular phenomena. This is the seascape of Cape Perpetua.

The titan arum has the world's tallest inflorescence


This plant is nicknamed the "corpse flower" and it can grow up to 11.5ft tall. 💐⚰️💐

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