A huge dust cloud has hit America


A massive Saharan dust cloud has hit America, the largest and thickest ever recorded. Here is the footage of this impressive weather phenomenon, and its consequences.

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The life of Kristen Stewart


She's been a target of gossip magazines, paparazzi... and Donald Trump himself. Perhaps fittingly, she's been cast to play the role of Princess Diana. This is the story of Kristen Stewart.

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In New Caledonia, this organization is replanting mangroves to protect the coastline


When social integration goes hand in hand with nature protection… In New Caledonia, @sos.mangroves.nc engages socially disadvantaged young people to protect the country from rising water levels.

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The life of Ava DuVernay


She went into filmmaking late, yet she's the first Black woman to direct a $100-million grossing film. Her activism has reshaped Hollywood and educated millions. This is the story of Ava DuVernay.

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The largest tapir in the world


This solitary animal only spends time with fellow members of his species for food and reproduction. 😏 Meet the Malayan tapir.

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What to do if you encounter a snake


First rule: Stay away from tall weeds... What to do if you encounter a snake. 🐍

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Divers stumbled upon an extremely rare giant squid egg


Rare footage of a giant squid egg found by three divers in Norwegian waters. And it’s actually more than that…

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Devils Tower, Wyoming's giant monolith


This stone tower seems to come straight from another planet, and it actually served as the backdrop of a famous science fiction movie. This is Devils Tower.

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How safe are hug curtains?


Hug curtains have gone viral during the coronavirus pandemic. Exactly how safe are they?

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