Dr. Ben Carson’s Most Cringeworthy Moments

The "Oreo" incident is the latest in a long list of embarrassing gaffes from HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson. 😬

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The Life of Transgender Activist Sarah McBride

LGBTQ activist Sarah McBride broke the mold in 2016 as the first transgender person to speak at a major party convention. Here's what you need to know about her. Special thanks to For They Know Not What They Do

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Human Composting: The Eco-Friendly Burial

This burial method gives the dead new life. 💀🔜🌳

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This bird regurgitates a revolting substance onto their predators

Vomiting to keep predators away. That's the disgusting but effective technique that fulmars use as self-defense.

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Meet Karli, the Muppet in Foster Care

Sesame Street introduced a new Muppet to help kids in foster care cope with being separated from their birth parents. ❤️

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Dark red walls dripping black ooze. A man bursting from a hotel closet that grabs you with a tentacle. These aren't scenes from a horror movie — they're vivid hallucinations people had during sleep paralysis. 😴😱

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Thailand: elephant calf "Dumbo" has just died

He was forced to do tricks, to "play" instruments, to "dance" to music for tourists at a zoo in Thailand... Despite efforts to save him, the elephant calf "Dumbo" has just died.

Abduction Survivor Advocates for Internet Safety

At 13 years old, she was lured over the internet, then raped and tortured on a live stream video feed. Now 31, Alicia "Kozak" Kozakiewicz advocates for internet safety in the hopes of saving others from what happened to her.

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A network of cathedral-like caves in the South of France

Located in the South of France, this huge gaping hole leads to an impressive underground network extending as deep as 100 meter. 😮

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These Conservatives Oppose Restrictive Abortion Laws

Today, over 500 protests over abortion bans erupted across the United States. But it's not just pro-choice Americans who think some of the recent state laws are too restrictive — so do some prominent conservatives. 👀