The feminist group using collage to denounce gender-based violence


"No one kills out of love." This group is pasting collages on the streets of New York City. Here's what they want to world to read …

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Using drones to save forests


Every year, 13 billion trees are lost to deforestation. This startup figured out how to plant one new tree per second.

The life of Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant, a life beyond basketball.

The real life of a stay-at-home husband


"Check your misogyny at the door: It's a day in the life of a stay-at-home husband." He cleans the house. She pays the bills. Brut spoke to Hunter and Maya Leppard about the story behind their hilarious TikTok videos.

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The life of Taylor Swift


She went from America's sweetheart to outspoken advocate for women's rights and LGBTQ+ rights. She just released a surprise studio album, "Folklore," that is breaking music records. This is the story of Taylor Swift.

The “West Elm Caleb” debacle, explained


“This is for all the girls who dated Caleb from West Elm.” Several women posted videos about being ghosted by a man they met online. Then TikTok users decided to take him down ... Tech reporter Taylor Lorenz explains how “West Elm Caleb” became the latest casualty of the app’s unique algorithm.

How the “signal for help” is saving lives


Thanks to this hand gesture, a 16-year-old was rescued from her kidnapper. Here’s how the “signal for help” is saving lives ... Canadian Women's Foundation

Inside the cadaver lab that dissects dead bodies for science


"Maybe I should start my own cadaver lab, because that's a normal idea." His creepy yet fascinating videos from inside a cadaver lab attract millions online. Meet Jonathan Bennion ...

How Kanye West went from rapper to fashion designer


He makes headlines at every fashion week. He's sporting matching outfits with his girlfriends. Here's how Kanye West established himself as a respected name in fashion...

When politicians forgot their mics were on


"What a stupid son of a b—" Here are 8 times politicians forgot their mics were on ...

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