Removing Tattoos to Help Abuse Victims Heal

"I was in an extremely high-violent marriage for five years." This survivor had the name of her abusive ex-husband tattooed on her neck — and she's finally getting it removed thanks to a nonprofit at no cost.

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Polygamous Sect Survivor

This man escaped the polygamous sect he grew up in, and started life from scratch.

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U.S. Rep.'s plea for LGBTQ+ couples right to adopt

"When you allow people to discriminate against LGBTQ+ couples, you deprive children of families who are going to love them." Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney shared the story of adopting his children while opposing a regulation that could allow agencies to refuse LGBTQ+ couples on religious grounds.

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The feminicide crisis in Mexico

"Before murdering my daughter, they murdered many more. And what were we all doing?" This is a mother's cry of outrage against feminicides in Mexico, where at least 10 women were murdered every day in 2019.

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Makeup tutorials for Black History Month

Ariam Kidane is ensuring that the historical impact of black women isn't forgotten. How? By posting makeup tutorials to TikTok and Instagram.

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The Green Blood Project

They wanted to tell the world about those who pose a threat to the environment. They have been threatened, imprisoned, or killed. 40 journalists have decided to pick up their investigations and to publish them broadly. This is the Green Blood Project.

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Angels Landing trail leads to a wonderful summit

Going up this trail in Utah is such a challenge that many hikers actually turn around at one point. The ones that reach the top can enjoy a spectacular view over the canyon. This is Angels Landing.

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The life of Maria Sharapova

"Tennis — I'm saying goodbye." 32 years and five Grand Slams later, Maria Sharapova has announced her retirement. This is the story of her career and achievements.