Therapy Memes Are Good For You

Can therapy and memes about therapy have similar benefits? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Discover the biggest flower on Earth

The « corpse lily » has no stem, no leaves, no roots. But it’s the biggest flower in the world. And one of the most odorous.

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My First Day in America - Episode 1: Hakki Akdeniz

"See the bench over there? So for two-and-a-half days, I [slept] over there." Hakki Akdeniz moved to New York City from Turkey in 2001, broke and homeless. He's now an award-winning chef and owns a popular pizza chain. This is how he lived on his first day in America.

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“Black Panther” Actor Joins DACA Rally at Supreme Court

"Black Panther" actor Bambadjan Bamba, who’s a DACA recipient, had a message about hope in America while speaking outside the Supreme Court.

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6 Times Women Politicians Called Out Sexism

These women politicians did not hesitate to call out sexist comments. 👏

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Australia: Hundreds of koalas killed in raging fires

Hundreds of koalas killed. That’s the terrible consequence of the unprecedented fires raging across Australia’s east coast.

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Spain: Thousands of suffocated fish washed up

Thousands of fish turned up dead in this lagoon located in Spain. Here is why Mar Menor has become so deadly.

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The Life of Jean-Paul Gaultier

He helped popularize kilts for men and designed clothes for Madonna’s famous Blond Ambition tour — all without going to fashion school. This is the life of design icon Jean-Paul Gaultier.