The fennec fox is the smallest canid in the world


This little animal has huge ears, lives in the desert, and has a dense fur that shields it from the heat. Meet the fennec fox. 😍

The Life of Jennifer Lopez


With eight albums, over 30 movies, and a clothing and accessory line, almost no one hustles as hard as Jennifer Lopez — this is her story.

Half of all sandy beaches at risk


Half of the world's sandy beaches may disappear by 2100

A Black American navigates life in Japan


"Students have a lot of questions about my hair. They always want to touch it." This American teacher works with kindergartners in Japan and uses social media to share his experience navigating life in Japan as a Black American...

What Jurassic Park got wrong about dinosaurs


Standing still wouldn't have saved you from a T. rex. A paleontologist on five things Jurassic Park got wrong about dinosaurs.

The life of Dr. Anthony Fauci


He became one of the most trusted voices during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, he's working on a vaccine plan for the next pandemic before it hits... This is the story of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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The life of Dr. Anthony Fauci


He’s the nation’s top expert on infectious diseases, has served under six presidents, and is now advising the nation on the coronavirus pandemic. This is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Meet the bat-eared fox, a little canid that roams the plains of Africa


It's neither a fennec, nor a fox, but a little-known canid with huge ears. Meet the bat-eared fox.

The life of Kanye West


According to him, he's the voice of this generation, a creative genius, his own favorite rapper. He's set to release his 10th album this week at a massive listening party. This is the story of Kanye West.