This white humpback whale is a popular icon in Australia

This rare specimen was spotted again a few days ago. Meet Migaloo, Australia's most famous whale.

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She Got An Airline To Stop Using Plastic Straws

This Girl Scout just got an entire airline to stop using plastic straws. 💪

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3 curiosities you can see in Mexico

A village buried in lava rock, a "water monster" that can regenerate and resist cancer... Here are 3 curiosities you can see in Mexico.

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Woman Imprisoned for Two Years Over Stillbirth

Evelyn Hernández, a rape survivor, gave birth to a stillborn. She was accused of inducing an abortion and spent 33 months in a prison in El Salvador.

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The Chosen One

Trump says he's the chosen one... He's not alone.

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Actor Javier Bardem Urges the U.N. to Protect the Ocean

"The oceans belong to us all — but their fate is now in your hands." A fierce advocate for the environment, Javier Bardem has a message for all world leaders and climate change deniers.

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The Life of Taylor Swift

From moving to Nashville at 14 to break into the biz to selling out stadiums as a pop megastar, Taylor Swift has gone from country songstress to a political force. This is her story. 🦋

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The cloud of smoke above the Amazon compared to other regions of the world

A huge cloud of smoke has formed above the Amazon. Here is what its size represents when compared to other regions of the world.

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The History of the Veggie Burger

In 2019, the plant-based, lab-grown burger is king. This is how the meatless marvel rose to fame. 🍔🥦

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Giraffes numbers have been plummeting

Unlike elephants and polar bears, they have gone under the radar. Here is why giraffes are facing a "silent extinction".

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