Coronavirus: 17-year-old dies in California


The first known death of a minor from COVID-19 in the U.S. was in Los Angeles County on March 18 — but his family didn’t learn about the virus diagnosis until after the funeral.

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Giant's Causeway, a famous landscape steeped in mythology


A legend says that giants used these steps to cross the sea to Scotland. This dramatic setting is Northern Ireland's famous Giant's Causeway.

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Love beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Mexico


This place is called "Love beach", and it was actually created by exploding bombs.

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The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation


Stressed out? Mindfulness meditation could help you cope, reframe, and reset. Here are some ways to practice it. 🧘🧠

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The life of Idris Elba


Upon announcing he tested positive for coronavirus, the actor and musical called for solidarity and union. He's spent his life fighting for diversity in the film industry and beyond. This is the story of Idris Elba.

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Trump praises Trump's response to the COVID-19 crisis


Donald Trump's biggest fan in these times of crisis is... Donald Trump.

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The Golden lion tamarin, a successful conservation program


Sometimes, species do come back from the brink of extinction. This is how the once nearly extinct Golden lion tamarin experienced a significant increase in population size.

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Nebraska hospital cleans medical masks with UV lights


Faced with impending gear shortages as the coronavirus spreads, this Nebraska hospital has found a way to clean surgical masks only meant to be used once.

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