Brut exclusive: Ilhan Omar's speech at the George Floyd memorial


"What we want is the ability to not just breathe, but to live and thrive." Brut. witnessed Rep. Ilhan Omar's impassioned speech against racism at the George Floyd memorial, which she gave after being recognized in the crowd.

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Stray animals cared for on Silk Island


Hundreds of cats and dogs live on the streets of Silk Island, in Cambodia. has decided to provide care for all of them.

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Lake Synevyr, one of Ukraine's most beautiful lakes


In the middle of this huge forest is one of Ukraine's 7 natural wonders. Welcome to Lake Synevyr. 🌲

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Marchers honor George Floyd in Houston


They were tens of thousands in the streets of Houston, George Floyd's hometown. Here's what they had to say.

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Viral 'Wipe It Down' video shows the reality of black lives


This viral TikTok video used the 'Wipe It Down' challenge to send a powerful message...

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Hippopotamuses feces are extremely important for life on Earth


A decline in their population could disrupt the whole food chain and the production of oxygen on Earth. Here is why the droppings of hippopotamuses are so important for the environment.

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In Romania, illegal logging kills more than just trees


Forest rangers being murdered because they are trying to protect trees. Amazonia is not the only place where this happens… It happens in Europe too.

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Elizabeth Warren: "It's not enough to be an ally"


Elizabeth Warren briefly joined protesters in front of the White House yesterday. Here's what she told us.

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How taking a knee became a protest symbol


From the football field to the streets of cities around the U.S., this is how taking a knee became a political symbol.

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