Guggenheim Targeted For Ties To Oxy Maker

Protesters took over the Guggenheim Museum to shame directors for continuing to accept donations from the family of a disgraced drug maker.

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How squid are born

This is how squid are born, and it's fascinating 😮

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Northam Not The 1st To Make Racially-Insensitive Remarks

Ralph Northam's political career is on life support, with the Virginia governor again in hot water after making racially-insensitive remarks to CBS. But he's far from the first politician to make controversial remarks pertaining to race. 🙄

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App Helps With Student Debt

Whether drowning in student debt or struggling to find scholarships or aid to help pay for school, students in need can get help from this new app.

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The enigmatic "cenotes" of Mexico's Yucatán peninsula

Some of these sinkholes may have been formed by the impact of a meteorite around 65 million years ago. Here are the "cenotes" of Mexico's Yucatán peninsula.

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Affordable Internet For Minority Communities

Minority communities are being left behind when it comes to Internet access. This New York City entrepreneur wants to change that. 💻

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President’s Trump Tan Based on "Good Genes"?

According to The White House, President Trump’s tan comes from his “good genes.” Obviously — how else can he explain his summer glow in January?

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Surf Schools Helping People With Disabilities

This quadriplegic woman is catching some waves. And with the help of these surf schools —anyone can.

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Interview with psychiatrist Claude Virot on hypnosis

It can help someone quit smoking, treat depression, and even replace anesthesia. Here's how hypnosis has become a recognized medical tool.

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A team of researchers traveled to the highest city in the world

They're about to go the world's highest city, at 5,300 meters above sea level, to better understand the limits of human body adaptation to the lack of oxygen. This is Expédition 5300 in La Rinconada, Peru.

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