Opera Singer Plácido Domingo Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations

Famed tenor Plácido Domingo is being investigated by the Los Angeles Opera after several allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. Here, one of the women details her experience with the singer.

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How Strict Are Gun Laws Around the World?

In most countries, you can't buy a gun and groceries at the same store. Here's a look at what you have to go through to buy a firearm outside the United States.

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Family Retraces Painful Past at Internment Camp

This grandfather was 12 years old when he was imprisoned in an internment camp that held Japanese Americans. Nearly 80 years later, he returned with his grandchildren to share this painful part of history.

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Niger's huge biodiversity reserve is under threat

This is one of Africa's largest nature reserves and one of the last bastions of Saharan wildlife, but it may lose almost half of its area to oil development...

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Animals That Won’t Last the Century

According to the United Nations, one million species are at risk of extinction due to climate change and human activity. Here are 4 animals out of the 1 million species we might lose by 2050.

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This British organisation is tackling dog fighting

Dogs forced to fight and rip each other apart. Despite being illegal, this bloody pastime is still rife across the UK. This charity rescues fighting dogs and help them find new homes.

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Which Cliches About Americans Are True?

It turns out some cliches about Americans may be valid. Here's a look at how people from around the world who are living in America view U.S. culture (and it's not all bad). 😬🇺🇸

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The metamorphosis of a stalk-eyed fly

This unusual-looking bug can extend its eyes outward by making air bubbles in its head. Here is the astonishing metamorphosis of a stalk-eyed fly. 👀

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Why "El Chapo's" Lawyer Wants a New Trial

"I will defend Mr. Guzmán until the end." Joining Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's defense team at his sensational New York trial was one of her first experiences as a lawyer. Now, she wants her client back in court.

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4 surprising places where plastic is found

It's everywhere, even in the ocean's deepest depths... 😕 Here are 4 surprising places where plastic is found.

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