5 Times Donald Trump's Deals Collapsed

Is Trump really the dealmaker he claims to be?

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Why J.K. Rowling is Against Orphanage Volunteerism

J.K Rowling is warning against volunteering at orphanages overseas — here’s why. 👇

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Wife Carrying Contest Tests Strength and Love

The main rule of this contest: don't drop your wife! 👰

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The Seawater Agriculture Revolution

There's plenty of water — we're just running out of the kind we can actually use. This is how one company aims to tackle food insecurity and water scarcity at the same time.

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The story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy »

It’s one of the most famous orcas in the world. However, its real story is not very well known. This is the true, and moving story of Keiko, the orca from « Free Willy ».

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Eco-Friendly and Cruelty-Free Fashion Trend

These colorful clothes and accessories are made from eco-friendly and cruelty-free "leather" materials.

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The Life of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman is a towering figure in American history — but you might not even know how much she truly accomplished.

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The Complicated Truth About Foie Gras

Should you be eating foie gras... or nah? This is why NYC and some other cities and states have banned the controversial delicacy.

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The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger

From Mr. Universe, to the “Terminator,” to governor of California, and now the “Terminator” again, this is Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. 💪

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4 Surprising Facts About Daylight Saving Time

No, it wasn’t started by Benjamin Franklin. And we don't do it for the farmers. Here are four surprising facts about daylight saving time. ⏰

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