A tax on meat to fight climate change?

Meat consumption is surging and CO2 emissions right along with it — which for some countries, could mean a meat tax is coming. đŸ–đŸ„©đŸ’°

Meat alternatives have begun going mainstream

Could a tax on meat fight climate change? One British investor group says it's inevitable. The growing global population and the increasing urbanization and demand in many parts of the world for a Western-type diet means there's a growing demand for ruminant products. Between 2000 and 2017, global meat consumption grew by 40%. And it could increase 75% could increase more by 2050. But what's wrong with meat? Animal farming is a huge climate change contributor: it produces 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

That's as much as the entire transportation sector. Countries like Sweden, Denmark and Germany are considering meat taxes to reach their Paris Agreement goals. And they could become more common in 5 to 10 years. The idea: to impose "sin taxes, on products deemed harmful to health or to the environment. 180 countries tax tobacco, 60 tax carbon and 25 tax sugar. The taxes have 2 goals, according to advocates: Reduce meat consumption. Like sugar, red meat has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes, which Fitch said laid the groundwork for similar taxes. A study by University of Oxford, for example, found introducing the measure could prevent almost 6,000 deaths a year and save nearly $850 million in healthcare costs.

Unlike sugar, however, the justification for restricting people's appetite for meat relates to broader issues than just health, with climate change, deforestation, and ethical concerns all looming large in the minds of consumers. Fund treatment for illnesses linked to overconsumption of meat. A 40% tax According to one study, on beef, a 20% tax on dairy products on chicken would cut down CO2 emissions enough to prevent 500,000 deaths a year. But this measure could also be unfair.

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05/14/2018 1:01 PM


  • Kurt R.
    12/26/2017 13:47

    Whenever something is taxed in the name of environmentalism, it clears my conscience and allows me to do as much of it as I want because I'm paying for the right. It comforts me to know that whilst some people will save money by being Eco-freindly, I can pay extra to have some of their share of whatever impact they were having. Before I get shitty replies from people taking that statement seriously....I'm using satire to make a point!

  • Dan G.
    12/25/2017 01:19

    Kill the people in the nations who cause an overpopulation issue. Its not racist, simply smart

  • Razvan T.
    12/25/2017 00:49

    Poor Somalia

  • Virat K.
    12/24/2017 18:49

    & me think that it’s because of đŸ€ŁđŸ˜‚

  • Trent W.
    12/24/2017 17:31

    another good reason to hunt your own meat eh

  • Eddie C.
    12/24/2017 17:19

    Fear is the best way to tax the hell out of the poor!

  • Tom S.
    12/24/2017 16:44

    They say all this what about the bombs rockets aeroplanes cars smoking fracking oil drilling list goes on

  • Leeroy J.
    12/24/2017 16:39

    Erm fuck rite off comes to mind😂

  • Alex R.
    12/24/2017 15:20

    This is when people start hunting again like we should

  • Jesse V.
    12/24/2017 14:34

    Shall we talk about over harvesting fish and ocean pollution?

  • Jesse V.
    12/24/2017 14:33

    Tax all agro products.... You know like coconut oil that is basically eliminating forests in South East Asia. Soy... tea... coffee..... corn... all of it attributes to climate change through deforestation

  • Billy H.
    12/24/2017 14:16

    You don't have to buy meat from the store. Go to any farmer and I am sure they will raise meat anyway you want. I know I will except for grass fed. If I wanted gamey meat with no marbling I would just go kill a deer.

  • Aaron W.
    12/24/2017 14:07

    Jst another way for them Robbin kents the government to get more money out of use ! Fucking country is a joke

  • Tom N.
    12/24/2017 14:02

    Right lets tax our way out of problems i cant see any problems with that.........

  • George C.
    12/24/2017 12:57

    Ï€ÎŹÎ»Îč ÎșαλΏ Ï€ÎżÏ… Îż έγÎčΜΔ ÎČηÎșαΜ

  • Paula H.
    12/24/2017 10:35

    Just tax MacDonalds more. Less take away burgers not going to hurt anyone but their cattle farms produce lots of methane we could live without.

  • Simon L.
    12/24/2017 10:16

    Tax water next

  • Sean D.
    12/24/2017 09:21

    got fuck all to do with the planet just away for world goverments to get more cash in robbing cunts

  • Ray E.
    12/24/2017 07:46

    Can we slap a tax on all the methane that's produced by the beasts.would maybe clear the National debt😀

  • Carlos D.
    12/24/2017 04:49

    Shit im going to start smuggling meat, this shit is slowing turning like America from Escape New York.

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