• Angel H.
    09/13/2018 22:33

    Scary stuff we should do something about this there are people that have knowledge that could fix any problem,like gelled water used to hold water with a slow release this could help but maybe not but we have to fix our mistakes or we fail ourselves and our planet our purpose

  • Kimberly M.
    09/13/2018 22:24

    That's not far from me

  • Bill C.
    09/13/2018 22:01

    Me and my wife been there and ot is awesome to see it was a fun vacation for me and my wife love to do it again some time

  • Riley S.
    09/13/2018 21:44

    wanna go? lol

  • Laurie A.
    09/13/2018 21:35

    Wow !!

  • Penny M.
    09/13/2018 19:19

    Has eney one thought that it could be one of the entries into HELL AND I AM NOT MAKING A JOKE OUT OF THIS JUST THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  • Kevin R.
    09/13/2018 18:51

    Silent hill?

  • Scott R.
    09/13/2018 18:15

    Why don't they hold every large beer drinking contest on planet Earth there and then have the drinkers when they have to take a piss go over and piss into the whole! Problem solved! This taken! Fire extinguisher!

  • Arturo H.
    09/13/2018 17:54

    Silent Hill

  • Megan L.
    09/13/2018 16:00

    road trip

  • Aaron C.
    09/13/2018 15:55

    I've been there about two years ago. Not much visible smoke if any is seen coming from the ground. I hope visitors do not bother the residents. This was a tragedy for them.

  • Terri H.
    09/13/2018 15:23


  • Becky M.
    09/13/2018 13:59

    Silent Hill.

  • Gail P.
    09/13/2018 12:42

    Wow amazing. Can you say air pollution

  • Edith I.
    09/13/2018 12:32

    Quite a few of my relatives (on my Mother’s side of the family) lived in Centralia and we visited them regularly. I have some fond memories of my Aunts and Uncles. Most of my relatives left when the town was condemned but 2 families stayed. I havelost contact with them so I have no idea what happened to them.

  • Tee T.
    09/13/2018 12:13

    ...silly humans.....WHOOPS.....geeeezzz...

  • Jaydine L.
    09/13/2018 11:16

    They absolutely DO know exactly what happened... And how does no one know about this?

  • Chad D.
    09/13/2018 07:01


  • James A.
    09/13/2018 06:28

    It's called Silent Hill

  • Barbara B.
    09/13/2018 06:25

    I've read and heard about this place. Can you imagine living in an area where all you can smell is sulfer?