• Shariff S.
    10/21/2019 18:59

    Are we must have a system, if you buy a pen - must give a old pen. 🙏

  • Ahmad R.
    09/11/2019 08:16


  • Keerthanaa K.
    09/09/2019 18:18

    Using fountain pens would be the most sustainable option. A good quality pen lasts a lot of years and the fountain pen ink comes in a glass bottle and for me, one bottle lasts an entire academic year.

  • Akira K.
    09/09/2019 16:56

    Use more pencils.

  • Ryda S.
    09/08/2019 05:52


  • Jyaefuri C.
    09/08/2019 00:07


  • Ron C.
    09/07/2019 20:47

    I have two refillable pens. One I've had for 6 years, the other for at least ten. I've never been much of a pen user, so that's about when I transitioned to pen usage. The mechanical pencils I have, however, are ancient! I have two that are at least 25 years old, and one that could be up to 35! I'm sure I'll die before I ever need to buy another writing utensil. 👴

  • Paola M.
    09/07/2019 20:12

    🖋 fountain pen with catrigde

  • Prabal B.
    09/07/2019 18:52

    can you please suggest something better option against stapler pins? they are small and thrown at dustbins which harms cattles.

  • Geoff E.
    09/07/2019 18:35

    I use BIC pens and discard them when they are empty. They are placed in the Rigid Plastic recyle category.

  • Dana K.
    09/07/2019 18:27

    I can never find the refills I need for mine. It's so frustrating!

  • Rimla T.
    09/07/2019 18:19

  • Nawaz A.
    10/21/2018 15:48


  • Arsalan K.
    10/03/2018 13:53

    I had been using fountain pens for quiet some time. I shifted to ball pens but I don't find them enjoyable to write with. Now I have again shifted to fountain pens.

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