• Lola L.
    12/04/2018 10:00


  • Willemien v.
    12/04/2018 11:49

    Thank you, USA, UK, China and New Caledonia. No good news from Africa?

  • Karla P.
    12/04/2018 14:25

    more good news!!

  • Celine A.
    12/04/2018 15:34


  • Rebecca S.
    12/04/2018 18:44

    here. I don’t exclusively bolster alarmism

  • Camille C.
    12/04/2018 19:25

    ça fait toujours plaisir à savoir tout ça 😊

  • Marian T.
    12/04/2018 19:54

    China needs to seriously educate its people on that subject as well as banning it.

  • Jonash A.
    12/04/2018 20:03

    i would be glad if someone would hunt trump down instead of those poor bears

  • Barbara H.
    12/04/2018 21:48

    Thanks, so happy to read some good news!

  • Lewis M.
    12/04/2018 22:33

    Some of us are making a difference to f9ght climate change and protect wild life

  • Woody J.
    12/05/2018 00:52

    Why in the hell would trump remove the protection of the grizzlies. This just pissis me off and I voted for the stupid bastard

  • Ben M.
    12/05/2018 04:58

    Just the beginning keep up the good work.

  • Amber J.
    12/05/2018 05:51

    I hate trump....

  • Natali S.
    12/05/2018 14:08

    Keep finding great news like this Brut.nature. Well done!!!

  • Heidi C.
    12/05/2018 21:29

    Keep your chin up !

  • Pungush I.
    12/06/2018 12:05

    it's nice to read some positive stuff. :)

  • Dale G.
    12/13/2018 18:38

    On the bears. Bear hunting means revenue for the game and fish in that state through liscense purchases which will be broadcast to managing all species in that state. If the game and fish biologist have met their bear population goals to what they decide is a stable bear population then people should be able to buy a liscense and hunt them. When the population of predator animals become high and start to interfere with peoples lives like their pets going missing, no one has a problem with using tax payers money to employ someone to kill predators but someone who wants to pull money out of their own pocket to hunt them out of a desire they have then everyone is up in arms. I just dont understand this

  • Nizam A.
    12/15/2018 03:00

    Very nice

  • Prashant J.
    12/15/2018 03:22


  • Shabnam J.
    12/15/2018 04:22

    Can someone tell me the song played on background