• Ryan A.
    05/11/2017 19:10

    First picture was already debunked, i swear this news page is TRASHH

  • Andrew P.
    04/14/2017 16:03

    There has been terror attacks in Atlanta and in the state

  • Zach G.
    04/14/2017 15:20

    Don't get rid of Spicer. His Freudian slips are the only real insights we get into the white house. Dudes CLEARLY lying his ASS OFF daily!!

  • Ryan M.
    04/14/2017 15:18

    Actually there was terrorism in atlanta. Did we forget about the olympic village bombing in 96? Old yes, but also not a false statement. Otherwise Spicer is quite misinformed

  • Samuel N.
    04/14/2017 14:38

    Alternative History

  • Kyle S.
    04/14/2017 09:16

    He didn't use chemical weapons on combatants is what spicer is saying, although he obviously used it on non combatant Jews

  • Lee L.
    04/14/2017 04:27

    No hitler wasn't that bad Sean spicer he didn't drop gas bombs he just forcefully marched the Jews into gas chambers to murder them so much more human then Assad he did kill his own people that revolted or betrayed him I'm sure in the worst way since back then things like that were easier to hide and deny then it is now you stupid piece of shit

  • Angelous B.
    04/14/2017 03:38

    shame on him, such an ignorant moron

  • Olayinka A.
    04/14/2017 03:38

    Will Hitler drop a GBU-20 without fighting a war?

  • Jose S.
    04/14/2017 02:57

    Bye Felicia.

  • Naff O.
    04/14/2017 02:41

    I love this administration, my wife stopped watching the Kardashians and is now watching the news!

  • Vanessa V.
    04/14/2017 01:27

    Fucking stupiid mother fucker...

  • Frankie S.
    04/14/2017 00:20

    And this years brown nose platinum tier award goes to....what an idiot

  • Olivier M.
    04/13/2017 23:18

    Trump has that clown there on purpose in order to distract people from the real issues and his real agenda.

  • Edgar Z.
    04/13/2017 21:25

    Stupid is stupid does. DONALD DUCK TEAM.

  • Adhara R.
    04/13/2017 21:19

    No se si reir o llorar.. Imbecil

  • Joshua B.
    04/13/2017 21:05

    https://www.britannica.com/technology/chemical-weapon And I quote: "There is no record of chemical warfare among World War II belligerents other than that of the Japanese." It's easy to take something out of context and run with it. Try to find something a bit more substantial to raise the pitchforks over, you ego-centric morons!

  • Roney I.
    04/13/2017 21:00

    Administration full of dumb asses. Just when we thought our government can't get anymore stupid.

  • Jojo A.
    04/13/2017 20:56

    Can you be a bigger bullshitter lol

  • As U.
    04/13/2017 19:13

    It doesn't take a high IQ to realize what he was trying to say. The leftists that are harping on this are still just grasping at straws it has been pathetic for a long time but now I'm actually just starting to feel bad for you.

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