Bill O'Reilly offensive comments

Bill O'Reilly apologized after declaring that he couldn't listen to Congresswoman Maxine Waters because of her "James Brown's wig". Turns out, it's not his first.

03/29/2017 9:11 PM


  • Micah F.
    04/20/2017 21:59

    Completely racist. Racist.

  • John D.
    03/31/2017 00:00

    The truth hurts

  • Prince W.
    03/30/2017 22:27

    Mr ED

  • Cory P.
    03/30/2017 20:44

    Bill O'Riley a savage 😂

  • Darlene A.
    03/30/2017 20:43

    Who is REALLY shocked that he's a racist? If it took this comment to tell you that, you've been smart enough to never hear the "man" speak about minorities. Lucky you.

  • Amber T.
    03/30/2017 20:00

    See America that's a true racist.

  • Grace A.
    03/30/2017 19:47

    "you kinda look like a cocaine dealer"

  • Keith L.
    03/30/2017 19:42


  • Rocie S.
    03/30/2017 19:30

    I don't understand how this douche still has a show 😒😒

  • Richard D.
    03/30/2017 19:18

    The James brown wig lmao

  • Nicholas B.
    03/30/2017 18:26

    Is ok to say I didn't hear a word he said in that video cause I just keep looking at his face and thinking how much it reminds me of a asshole pooping.

  • Matthew A.
    03/30/2017 18:13

    Everything he said is FACTUALLY Everything

  • Briana C.
    03/30/2017 18:06

    These comments show perfectly why black people all over the world will never "just get over things like this or racism" like so many want them to...maybe because it's hard to get over racism that lives and thrives everyday.

  • Star S.
    03/30/2017 17:53

    One thing about the black community we love all. I love my brothers and sisters and i dont care what this man has to say about ys he is irrevelant to us or are community. We need to just keep doing what we can do. Me and mines are not associated with his stereotypes. We know we need improvements in our community and things are getting better as we speak. God is on our side.

  • Carla M.
    03/30/2017 17:18

    Why tf is he still a Fox News host?? Smh

  • Cody C.
    03/30/2017 17:05

    Damn what a racist cunt

  • Richard A.
    03/30/2017 16:40

    He's all about ratings and he has them.

  • Brandon H.
    03/30/2017 16:22

    I know one way to start helping the communities. N this is for all races. Get rid of the gang culture. Dads step up and actually be father's. And teach your children not everyone will agree with 100% you believe in. But got to respect their opinions and other folks. We are all different in so many ways. You can't have something in this world just one certain way. But got to work together n compromise on BOTH SIDES. Cause not everyone will be happy and not everyone will get all they want. But guess what folks that's life. Deal with it except it and keep moving forward. GOD BLESS

  • Isaiah J.
    03/30/2017 16:04

    So I can't be a black college kid with tattoos? That means I'm not going to be successful ? Stop judging ppl based on how they look that's prejudice in itself

  • Brandon B.
    03/30/2017 15:54

    Hopefully they won't start to shoot up schools or churches.

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