Discover the biggest flower on Earth

The « corpse lily » has no stem, no leaves, no roots. But it’s the biggest flower in the world. And one of the most odorous.

11/14/2019 11:46 AMupdated: 11/14/2019 11:48 AM


  • Sylvia R.
    2 hours

    . ,

  • Shucker T.
    6 hours

    Very fascinating

  • Bettina M.
    13 hours

    Gefällt mir sehr aber Die stinkt furchtbar mama

  • Meike B.
    14 hours

    Die ist hässlich und eckelhaft

  • Cheryl C.
    17 hours

    ....and I can vouch for the stench....

  • Jasper B.
    20 hours

    Why not just put found in South east asian Forest instead of selected country 🤔

  • Mayo G.
    a day

    Here we got

  • Shobha G.
    a day


  • Sharon K.
    2 days

    So interesting!

  • Jim C.
    2 days

    Very interesting! B.

  • Rachel P.
    2 days

    that is cool music

  • Patricia S.
    2 days

    Looks like bread

  • Izzy K.
    2 days

    S antique marami yn😊😁

  • Valentina D.
    2 days


  • Sylvia S.
    2 days


  • Caleb D.
    2 days

    hey! It's also in the Philippines..

  • くいん し.
    2 days

    There are also in other places like in Philippines

  • Ferenc B.
    2 days

    Its not the biggest flower anyway;)

  • Dong R.
    2 days

    It grows also in the Philippines

  • Roselle R.
    2 days

    Saw them but i think its a different can be found also in Antique, Philippines.

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